Postcard by Tom Brown c.1905 published by Davidson Bros.
1842 - 1920


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I welcome donations of unwanted photographs, postcards, albums and glass plate negatives for my research collection that currently contains over 35 000 items.

I also welcome offers of items for sale including old photographs, postcards, albums, stereoviews, magic lantern slides, glass plate negatives, photographic books, catalogues and journals pre 1920, old cameras and lenses, in fact if it is old and photographic, I may be interested.

I am also seeking any old postcards of Brisbane and the Gold Coast up to the 1970s.



Was your ancestor a photographer?

I have researched photographers working in Australia for over 20 years and collected their work for over 30 years. I have details on thousands of Australian photographers and I have been in contact with numerous people descended from and related to photographers that worked in Australia (and many other countries). I am also a major collaborator with Sandy Barrie who is working on a new edition of his book "Australians Behind the Camera 1942-1945".

If you have a photographer in your family that worked in Australia before 1920 please get in contact. I also welcome contact from people descended from photographers that worked in New Zealand, Great Britain and Ireland, South Africa and the Pacific as I am researching those areas as well and in contact with other researchers interested in those places.

I am happy to work with families to expand a biography of your photographer relation and host it here. You can add contact details that might foster contacts that could unearth further information.


Marcel Safier, Brisbane, Queensland, 14 June 2014 my home page

Although interested in all photographers active in Australia, I have a side project looking at photographers with Danish ancestry including the following:

Jacob Alfred BEHRENS
Christian Madsen BILTOFT
Hans Christian BILTOFT
Morten/Martin Christensen BILTOFT
Iver Christian BILTOFT
Theodor BLOCH
John George Theodore ERDMANN
Peter Wimmelman HYLLESTED
Jacob Peter Cornelius KOCK
Jens Peter LIND
Jens Hansen LUNDAGER
Poul Christensen POULSEN (1857-1925)
Anders POULSEN (1861-1916)
Christen Anton POULSEN (1864-1921)
Mads Hansen POULSEN (1868-1951)
Christian Ludwig QWIST
Peter Emil Thorwald RIISFELDT
Harold RIISE
Niels Peter SCHOURUP
Chistian Andreas Haaber TRONIER
Joachim August TRONIER
Carl (Charlie) VILLAUME

Any relations of these photographers are welcome to make contact.
Samuel Nixon (1847-1922)
active South Australia 1862-1871
(son of photographer William Millington Nixon)
carte de visite
(courtesy R. J. Noye)
    The Gem and Carte de Visite Tintype

    Photographers of Great Britain and Ireland 1840-1940
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