The FALCONER  family of Edinburgh
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The origins of my Falconer ancestors revolve around the enigmatic George Falconer.  The historic records provide a confusing picture as to whether there were two George Falconers, both house painters and both having multiple marriages with at least one wife named Janet or just one George Falconer and as much as one hates to slur one's own ancestors, an apparent bigamist. What we know is that one of these Georges was the son of Alexander Falconer. Alexander was probably born in the 1760's and became a coachmaker in Edinburgh.  He married Margaret McKenzie of Ross-shire on the 19th of April 1784.  They had at least five children: Alexander, Janet, Jean, George and Margaret all born in Canongate parish, which encompasses the Old Town section of Edinburgh.

George Falconer

George Falconer, the son of Alexander was born on 7 June 1799 and he became a housepainter.  He had three daughters Janet, Elizabeth, Ann and a son Henry born in 1830 listed on the 1841 census. Henry stated his mother's name on his marriage certificate as Jemima Seton.  It appears Jemima must have died as George married to Janet McWilliams on 19 Febuary 1841, but on the night of the census a few months later on 7 June she was not at home with her family.  The marriage record stated Janet was the daughter of James McWilliams, bootmaker (deceased). Only one child is confirmed from this marriage, namely Georgina (b. 1842). Things thereafter become confusing. Another child Catherine was born c.1846 and she stated her mother to be Janet McCulloch on her marriage certificate. George next had two children with Ann Wood namely George (b. c.1847) and Thomas (b.1849) (Ann Wood's name is given as Thomas' mother by Jane Falkonder (sic) his step mother on Thomas' death certificate).  Ann died probably before 1855 (as no trace can be found of her death in the statutory registers).  George, a house painter journeyman is listed living at 24 College Wynd, Edinburgh with a wife named Janet and children Georgina and Catherine in the 1851 census. This census was taken on 30 March and his mother in law Catherine McCulloch, a widowed laundress is living with them. Janet McCulloch was 21 years younger than George. They had a son Alexander born on 11th of July 1860 at the Royal Maternity Hospital. The only marriage record for George that has been found so far is for his union to Janet McWilliams.

Strangely a George Falconer, painter and paper hanger aged 44 and born in Glasgow is listed in the 1851 English census taken the same night as in Scotland on 30 March at Redford Row, Leeds in Yorkshire. His wife is given as Ann Wood Falconer aged 37 born Cupar, Fife and two children George aged 3 born in Glasgow and Thomas aged 1 born in Kelso are listed with them. Did George therefore have two partners, and have one of them falsify his presence at one of the locations on the census? 

George and his family initially lived at 26 Pleasance (1841 census) , moving to 15 College Wynd, off Cowgate (1851 census).  His first three daughters cannot be found at home or elsewhere in the 1851 census and presumably all died young. Henry was lodging with fellow carter James Russell and his family on Pleasance at the time. 

George Falconer's eldest daughter Georgina went to work in an India Rubber factory and was living with her friend and co-worked Mary Fotheringham at 88 Candlemaker Row (1861 census). She married in 1865 to Finlay Hoggan, a railway engineer from Dunfermline. They had three children: James, Jane and William. William lived to just 8 months of age, succumbing to hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and his father died aged 31 the year after in 1872 in the Fife and Kinross Asylum in Cupar from some sort of degenerative neurological disease present over a four year period.  His daughter Jane also appeared to have died young but the details have not yet been located. Georgina thereafter lived with her son at 8 Home St and he had also starting working at the rubber works (1881 census), a job he pursed all his life.

Catherine Falconer went to work in a printing office at an early age.  George and Thomas became tobacconists but Thomas died in the Royal Infirmary from tubercular meningitis in 1863 aged 12. Some time later George and his third wife Janet moved to 88 North Back where George died of old age at 82 on the 10th of May 1882.

Henry Falconer

Henry met and an Irish girl named Catherine Irvine who had emigrated from Tyrone county with her brother who apparently drowned on the trip.  This was before the plimsole line and the ship was apparently overladen.  Catherine was the daughter of Peter Irvine, a catholic schoolmaster and Margaret Donaghue.  Henry then aged 26 and Catherine aged 27 stated on their children's birth certificates that they were married in Falkirk on the 1st of May 1856 although no official record of this marriage exists.  They lived for a while in Tranent where their first child George was born in 1857.  Henry then found a job as a fireman in the Leith Gasworks and he rented a place at No. 24 in Waters Lane near the Leith shore, which was predominantly occupied by other gasworkers.  Another son, Henry, was born in 1859 and a daughter Janet in 1861.  The family then moved to 11 Little Jack's Close off the Canongate in the old part of Edinburgh where a third son John was born in 1864. Strangely Henry and Catherine's recorded marriage was on the 17th of March 1865 according to the rites of the Church of Scotland.   They gave their addresses as nos. 8 and 23 Pleasance which suggests they did not want it to be known they were already living together.  They moved yet again to 12 Big Jack's Close off the Canongate and had another daughter Jemima in 1867.  The family later returned to Little Jack's Close, this time no. 2. 

The eldest child George Falconer became a paper-ruler in his teens and married Jane McRae on 26 February 1886 and they had six children: Henry, Christina, Catherine, Alexander, George and Jane. Janet became a machine girl in a printing office, probably the one where she met Alexander McMorran, a printer who was living in Dunfermline just north of Edinburgh at the time.  Janet may have followed her aunt Catherine into this work.  Janet and Alexander had a son Alexander on the 25th of March 1881 and he stayed with his Falconer grandparent's in their home at 29 St John's Hill until his parents were married the following month on the 22nd of April.  The couple then moved to Dunfermline initially and then back to Edinburgh and went on to have thirteen children although only seven survived childhood (click here for info on the McMorran family). 

Jemima became a hat trimmer but contracted TB and died from pneumonia at the age of 17 in 1884.  Henry became a saddler/harness maker and he married English born Sarah Eales on 17 May 1887 who was the daughter of Richard Eales, a London spirit dealer and Caroline (nee Lawrence).  They settled in St. Pancras, London and had eight children: Kate, Annie, Harry, Edith, Lillie, Walter, John and Henrietta.

Henry Falconer snr died of heart disease on 26 July 1895 at the age of 64.  His youngest son John had remained at home and worked with his father in the gasworks initially. He married on December 31, 5 months after his father's death to Jane Brown, a millworker who was the daughter of Rodger Brown, a watchmaker, and Mary Rooney.  John worked as a pottery labourer and he and Jane had five children Mary Jane (b. 1896), Jane (b. 1900), Alexander, George and John. There address is listed as 1 Campbell's Close, Canongate in the 1901 census but the family later settled in Pipe St, Portobello.

Elizabeth McMorran, daughter of Janet Falconer always stated that one of our Falconer relations immigrated to Australia in the nineteenth century and were successful sheep farmers.  No facts that concur with this story have so far been established but their is a well known and wealthy family named Falkener who came to Australia last century and became some of Australia's biggest sheep farmers but a connection is dubious.

Loren Turner shared information in 2002 that Jean Falconer, daughter of Alexander Falconer above married James Buncle in Newton, Midlothian in 1822. They migrated to Iowa. James, a farmer aged 67, was alone in the 1870 census for Wagner, Clayton Co., but a death for Jean has not yet been found. Some of the trees on line have this James Buncle as being born in Dalkeith, Midlothian but that James married a Jean Archibald.
Census 1841 - 26 Pleasance, St Cuthbert's parish, Edinburgh
Name and Surname Age Occupation Whether born in county
Geo. Falconer 35 Painter Y
Janet Falconer 15   Y
Elizabeth Falconer 14   Y
Ann Falconer 12   Y
Henry Falconer 11   Y

Generation One

1. ALEXANDER FALCONER, occupation Coachwright.  Married 19 APR 1784 in Edinburgh, MARGARET McKENZIE, b. 4 DEC 1764 in Tolbooth Kirk, Midlothian, (daughter of MURDOCH McKENZIE and KATHRINE SHURSON) d. 9 OCT 1820 in Canongate, Edinburgh, baptized 18 DEC 1764 in Urray, Ross-shire.
      i. ALEXANDER FALCONER, b. 20 APR 1785, baptized 27 APR 1786 in Canongate, Edinburgh.
      ii. JANET FALCONER, baptized 6 JAN 1790 in Canongate, Edinburgh.
      iii. JEAN FALCONER, b. 10 APR 1796 in Canongate, Edinburgh, baptized 25 APR 1796 in Canongate, Edinburgh, d. Iowa, m. 12 APR 1822, Newton, Midlothian, JAMES BUNCLE b. c.1803, d. 14 OCT 1876, Wagner, Clayton Co., Iowa.
    2. iv. GEORGE FALCONER b. 7 JUN 1799.
      v. MARGARET FALCONER, b. 1 FEB 1803 in Canongate, Edinburgh, baptized 9 MAR 1803 in Canongate, Edinburgh.

Generation Two

2. GEORGE FALCONER, b. 7 JUN 1799 in Canongate, Edinburgh, baptized 15 JUL 1799 in Canongate, Edinburgh, d. 10 MAY 1882 in 88 North Back, Canongate, Edinburgh, occupation Housepainter, census 1841 at 26 Pleasance, Edinburgh, census 1851 at 24 College Wynd, Edinburgh, census 1861 at 15 College Wynd, Edinburgh, census 1871 at 2 Douglas Court, Canongate, Edinburgh, census 1881 at 88 North Back, Canongate, Edinburgh.  (1) He married JEMIMA SETON.  (2) Married 19 FEB 1841 in Old Church, Edinburgh, JANET McWILLIAMS, (daughter of JAMES McWILLIAMS). (3) He married ANN WOOD.  (4) He married JANET McCULLOCH, b. 1821 in Edinburgh, (daughter of WILLIAM HAMILTON and CATHERINE McCULLOCH) d. 6 APR 1903 in 36 Pleasance, Edinburgh.
    Children by JEMIMA SETON:
      i. JANET FALCONER, b. c.1826 in Midlothian.
      ii. ELIZABETH FALCONER, b. c.1827 in Midlothian.
      iii. ANN FALCONER, b. c.1829 in Midlothian.
    3. iv. HENRY FALCONER b. 1830.
    Children by JANET McWILLIAMS:
    4. v. GEORGINA FALCONER b. 1842.
    Children by ANN WOOD:
      vi. CATHERINE FALCONER, b. 1847 in Edinburgh, d. 26 NOV 1934 in 46 Dean St, Edinburgh, occupation worked in printing office.  (1) Married 12 JUN 1874 in 15 Ingleston St, Edinburgh, JOHN LOW, b. c.1846, (son of DAVID LOW and AGNES BARRIE) d. 9 FEB 1876 in 4 St. David's Terrace, Edinburgh, occupation Compositor.  (2) Married 29 DEC 1882 in 11 Calton St, Edinburgh, JAMES INGLIS, b. c.1846, (son of WILLIAM INGLIS and SUSAN MUNRO).
      vii. GEORGE FALCONER, b. 1848 in Edinburgh, d. 28 DEC 1864 in 15 College Wynd, Edinburgh, occupation Tobacconist.
      viii. THOMAS FALCONER, b. 1851 in Edinburgh, d. 30 MAY 1863 in Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, occupation Tobacconist.
    Children by JANET McCULLOCH:
      ix. ALEXANDER FALCONER, b. 11 JUL 1860 in Royal Maternity Hospital, Edinburgh.

Generation Three

3. HENRY FALCONER, b. 1830 in St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, d. 26 JUL 1895 in 19 Canongate, Edinburgh, occupation Gas Work Fireman/Labourer.  Married 1 MAY 1854 in Falkirk, CATHERINE IRVINE, b. 1831 in Tyrone, Ireland, (daughter of PETER IRVINE and MARGARET DONAGHUE) d. 18 JUL 1906 in Craiglockhart Poorhouse, Edinburgh.
    5. i. GEORGE FALCONER b. 24 MAY 1857.
    6. ii. HENRY FALCONER b. 27 JUN 1859.
    7. iii. JANET FALCONER b. 24 JUL 1861.
    8. iv. JOHN FALCONER b. 9 JUN 1864.
      v. JEMIMA FALCONER, b. 14 MAR 1867 in 12 Big Jack's Close, Canongate, Edinburgh, d. 1884, cause of death Tuberculosis.

4. GEORGINA FALCONER, b. 1842 in Edinburgh, d. 21 JUL 1925 in Longmore Hospital, Edinburgh, occupation Rubber Factory Worker.  Married 2 JAN 1865 in 17 Bread St, Edinburgh, FINLAY HOGGAN, b. 1 MAR 1841 in Dunfermline, Fifeshire, (son of JAMES HOGGAN and HELEN McNAUGHTON) d. 29 APR 1872 in Fife and Kinross Asylum, Cupar, Fifeshire, occupation Engine Fitter.
    9. i. JAMES HOGGAN b. 3 NOV 1865.
      ii. JANE HOGGAN, b. c.1866 in Canongate, Edinburgh.
      iii. WILLIAM HOGGAN, b. 28 SEP 1869 in Canongate, Edinburgh, d. 18 JUN 1871 in 112 Canongate, Edinburgh, cause of death Hydrocephalus.

Generation Four

5. GEORGE FALCONER, b. 24 MAY 1857 in Tranent, East Lothian, d. 11 JUN 1927 in 34 Jamaica Street, Edinburgh.  Married 26 FEB 1886 in 18 South Back, Canongate, Edinburgh, JANE McRAE, b. 27 FEB 1865 in Bridgend, Ceres, Fife, (daughter of ALEXANDER McRAE and CHRISTIAN BERNARD) d. 21 JUN 1938 in 34 Jamaica Street, Edinburgh.
      i. HENRY FALCONER, b. 9 MAR 1887 in 132 Albert St, Leith, Edinbuurgh.
      ii. CHRISTINA FALCONER, b. 1 SEP 1888 in 132 Albert St, Leith, d. 12 DEC 1911 in Infirmary, Edinburgh.
      iii. CATHERINE FALCONER, b. 3 OCT 1890 in 12 Union Street, Edinburgh, d. 30 MAR 1894 in Sick Childrens Hospital, Edinburgh.
      iv. ALEXANDER FALCONER, b. 4 SEP 1893 in 132 Albert Street, Edinburgh.  He married FRANCES JESSIE MYLES, b. 20 AUG 1899 in 17 Ingliston Street, Edinburgh.
      v. GEORGE FALCONER, b. 19 SEP 1895 in 24 Gayfield Square, Edinburgh.
      vi. JANE FALCONER, b. 11 FEB 1898 in Mailochs Close, Canongate.

6. HENRY FALCONER, b. 27 JUN 1859 in Leith, Midlothian, d. 1910 in St. George Hanover Square, London, occupation Harness Maker.  Married 17 MAY 1887 in Edinburgh, SARAH EALES, b. 1862 in Eastcott, Middlesex, (daughter of RICHARD EALES and CAROLINE LAWRENCE).
    10. i. CATHERINE MARY (KATE) FALCONER b. 29 OCT 1887.
    11. ii. ANNIE EMMA FALCONER b. 29 MAY 1889.
    12. iii. HENRY RICHARD (HARRY) FALCONER b. 14 APR 1892.
      iv. EDITH (CIS) MAUD FALCONER, b. 6 JAN 1894 in St. Pancras, London, baptized 5 MAR 1894 in Saint Andrew, Haverstock Hill, Camden, London, Middlesex.
      v. LILY FALCONER, b. 1895 in St. Pancras, London, baptized 10 DEC 1896 in St. Mark, Regents Park, Camden, London, Middlesex.  Married 1919 in Parish Church, Cambden Town, London, Middlesex, JAMES WILLIAM (BILL) WOODS, b. c.1894, (son of JAMES WILLIAM WOODS).
    13. vi. WALTER THOMAS FALCONER b. 1896.
      vii. JOHN FALCONER, b. 1898 in St. Pancras, London, d. 1916 in Battle of the Somme.
      viii. DOLLY (DOL) HENRIETTA FALCONER, b. 1899 in St. Pancras, London.
      ix. WILLIAM EDWARD FALCONER, b. 1908 in St. Pancras, London.

7. JANET FALCONER, b. 24 JUL 1861 in 1 Water's Close, Leith, Edinburgh, d. 15 MAY 1928 in Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, cause of death Cerebral Hemorhage and Bronchopneumonia.  Married 22 APR 1881 in 29 St John's Hill, Edinburgh, ALEXANDER McMORRAN, b. 3 OCT 1854, (son of JANE McMORRAN) d. 19 MAR 1926 in 12 Dalgety Street, Edinburgh, occupation Letterpress Printer.
      i. ALEXANDER McMORRAN, b. 25 MAR 1881 in 29 St John's Hill, Edinburgh, d. 26 JUL 1881.
      ii. HENRY FALCONER McMORRAN, b. 31 MAR 1882, d. 13 MAY 1883.
    14. iii. ELIZABETH WATSON McMORRAN b. 10 JUL 1883.
    16. v. ROBERT ADAM McMORRAN b. 13 NOV 1886.
      vi. GEORGE FALCONER McMORRAN, b. 12 OCT 1888 in Tranent, Edinburgh.
      vii. JANE WATSON McMORRAN, b. 12 AUG 1890, d. 5 AUG 1960.
    17. viii. ALEXANDRA McMORRAN b. 23 DEC 1892.
      ix. JOHN FALCONER McMORRAN, b. 19 JUN 1895, d. 2 OCT 1918 in France, killed in action WW1, buried in Grave VII. A. 4, Bellicourt British Cemetery, Aisne, France, military Serjeant 5th/6th Battalion, Royal Scots Regiment. Awarded Military Medal.
      x. HENRIETTA FALCONER McMORRAN, b. 9 SEP 1897, d. 17 JUL 1898.
      xi. JAMES McMORRAN, b. 11 MAY 1899, d. 6 JUN 1899.
      xii. JANET McMORRAN, b. 11 MAY 1899, d. 27 MAY 1899.
      xiii. MARGARITE (DAISY) McMORRAN, b. 10 SEP 1900, d. 23 MAR 1920 in City Hospital, Colinton, Edinburgh, cause of death Septicemia from septic sore throat, occupation Draper's Assistant.

8. JOHN FALCONER, b. 9 JUN 1864 in 11 Little Jack's Close, Canongate, Edinburgh, d. 2 JAN 1923 in 11 Pipe St, Portobello, Edinburgh, occupation Pottery Labourer.  Married 31 DEC 1895 in Edinburgh, JANE BROWN, (daughter of ROGER BROWN and MARY RAMSAY) d. 15 JAN 1930 in 11 Pipe St, Portobello, Edinburgh.
      i. MARY JANE FALCONER, b. 14 FEB 1896 in 19 Canongate, Edinburgh, d. 4 DEC 1952 in Pipe St, Portobello.  Married 31 DEC 1925 in St. James Church, Portobello, WILLIAM SHILLINGLAW, b. 21 NOV 1898 in Edmonstone, Newton, occupation Coliery Foreman.
      ii. JANE FALCONER, b. 3 OCT 1900 in 37 Pipe St, Portobello, Edinburgh, d. 29 AUG 1903 in No 15 Corporation Buildings, Pipe St, Portobell, Edinburgh.
    18. iii. ALEXANDER FALCONER b. 24 OCT 1907.

9. JAMES HOGGAN, b. 3 NOV 1865 in Edinburgh, d. 10 JUL 1948 in Northern General Hospital, Edinburgh, occupation Rubber Worker.  Married 4 MAR 1887 in 3 St. John St, Edinburgh, MARGARET JESSIE GRAY, b. c.1868 in Edinburgh, (daughter of JAMES GRAY and MARGARET McKINLAY).
      i. JAMES HOGGAN, b. c.1889 in Edinburgh.
      ii. GEORGINA HOGGAN, b. c.1888 in Edinburgh.
      iii. DAVID G. HOGGAN, b. c.1894 in Edinburgh.
      iv. WILLIAM F. HOGGAN, b. c.1896 in Edinburgh.
      v. THOMAS A. HOGGAN, b. c.1898 in Edinburgh.

Generation Five

10. CATHERINE MARY (KATE) FALCONER, b. 29 OCT 1887 in London, baptized 3 NOV 1887 in St. Mark, St. John's Wood, Westminster, London, Middlesex, baptized 18 JAN 1888 in St. John the Evangelist, Camden, London, Middlesex.

11. ANNIE EMMA FALCONER, b. 29 MAY 1889 in St. Pancras, London, baptized 30 JUN 1889 in Holy Trinity, Haverstock Hill, London, Middlesex, occupation Dressmaker.  Married 5 JUL 1914 in Saint Mary the Virgin, Somers Town, London, Middlesex, WILLIAM BENJAMIN THOMPSON, b. c.1886, occupation Porter.
      ii. JOHN THOMPSON.

12. HENRY RICHARD (HARRY) FALCONER, b. 14 APR 1892 in St. Pancras, London, baptized 10 JUL 1892 in St. Andrew, Haverstock Hill, Middlesex, military 2nd Lieut. 27th Brigade, Royal Field Artillary during WW1.  Married 2 MAR 1918 in Parish Church, Cambden Town, London, Middlesex, MARGARET (MAG) AMOS, b. c.1892, (daughter of CHARLES AMOS).
      ii. KIT FALCONER.

13. WALTER THOMAS FALCONER, b. 1896 in St. Pancras, London, baptized 10 DEC 1896 in Saint Mark, Regent's Park, Camden, London, Middlesex, d. 1951, cause of death Heart attack.  He married DORIS MARGARET WALLACE, b. 1908 in London, d. 1998.
      i. JOHN WALLACE FALCONER, b. 1930, d. 2003.
      ii. JEAN MARY FALCONER, (details excluded).

14. ELIZABETH WATSON McMORRAN, b. 10 JUL 1883 in Edinburgh, d. 18 OCT 1972 in Chesalon Home, Summer Hill, Sydney, buried in Rookwood Cemetery.  Married 7 JUL 1917 in Hornsby, NSW, HUBERT ANDREWS PERRY, b. 17 FEB 1895 in Charlton, Wraxall, d. 14 OCT 1950 in Templeton, California, buried 20 OCT 1950 in Atascadero District Cemetery, Calif., occupation Butcher/Greengrocer.
    19. i. IRIS MAY PERRY b. 24 APR 1918.
      ii. FLORENCE EILEEN PERRY, b. 11 OCT 1920 in Summer Hill, Sydney, d. 26 APR 1925, buried in Rookwood Cemetery.
    20. iii. HUBERT ALEXANDER PERRY b. 13 NOV 1922.
    21. iv. LESLEY GORDON PERRY b. 12 JAN 1927.
    22. v. RUTH MARGARET PERRY (details excluded).

15. CATHERINE IRVINE FALCONER McMORRAN, b. 28 JAN 1885 in 3 High Street, Edinburgh, d. 1 OCT 1930 in 3 Trevenar Street, Ashfield, NSW, buried in Grave 719 K, Rookwood Baptist Cemetery.  Married 30 SEP 1909 in Old St Paul's Church, Edinburgh, JOHN GEORGE SCOTT, b. 8 JAN 1883, d. 29 JUN 1970.
      i. MARY LEITH SCOTT, b. 15 JAN 1912 in Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, NSW, d. 199? in Lawson, NSW, occupation Registered nurse.  Married 30 NOV 1942, RODERICK HUGH MACKAY, b. 18 JUN 1902, d. 1974.

16. ROBERT ADAM McMORRAN, b. 13 NOV 1886 in Edinburgh, d. 21 NOV 1967.  Married 24 DEC 1915, MARY DUNLOP, b. 07 JUL 1888, d. 29 JUL 1981.
    23. i. MAY DUNLOP McMORRAN b. 8 JAN 1917.
      ii. GORDON McMORRAN, b. 27 DEC 1918, d. 23 JAN 1919 in Dundee, cause of death Prematurity.
      iii. MAUDE McMORRAN, b. 2 DEC 1919, d. 14 JAN 1920.
    24. iv. JEAN WATSON McMORRAN b. 31 OCT 1924.

17. ALEXANDRA McMORRAN, b. 23 DEC 1892, d. 2 APR 1980, buried 10 APR 1980 in Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood.  (1) Married 27 SEP 1913, ARTHUR MURRAY CRIMSON, b. 1889 in Redfern, NSW, (son of JOHN CRIMSON and ELIZABETH Unknown) d. 1918 in Boorowa, NSW.  (2) She married MARTIN KELLY.
      i. WINIFRED CRIMSON, b. 23 APR 1914 in Sydney, NSW, d. 7 MAY 1968 in Cammeray, NSW, buried 10 MAY 1968 in Northern Suburbs Crematorium, Sydney.
      ii. VICTOR JOHN CRIMSON, b. 10 JAN 1917 in Sydney, NSW, d. 25 DEC 1969.  Married 1941 in New Lambton, NSW, RUBY HITCHCOCK.
    Children by MARTIN KELLY:
      iii. BRIAN MARTIN KELLY, b. 28 FEB 1927.

18. ALEXANDER FALCONER, b. 24 OCT 1907 in 66 Pipe St, Portobello, Edinburgh, d. 30 OCT 1977 in 10/17 Northfield Drive, Edinburgh.  He married DOROTHY MAY BRINGHURST, b. 11 MAY 1916 in 8 Regent Street, Portobello, (daughter of JOHN BRINGHURST and HENRIETTA ELLEN BOWMAN) d. 13 OCT 2001 in Edinburgh.
    25. i. DOROTHY HENRIETTA FALCONER (details excluded).
    26. ii. ALEXANDER JOHN FALCONER (details excluded).

Generation Six

19. IRIS MAY PERRY, b. 24 APR 1918 in Crown St Woman's Hospital, Sydney, d. 15 JUN 2008 in Woy Woy, New South Wales, buried 18 JUN 2008 in Point Clare Cemetery, New South Wales.  Married 28 APR 1941, JACK BERTRUDE McCROHON, b. 6 FEB 1917, d. 22 JUL 1988 in Canterbury General Hospital, Campsie, buried 25 JUL 1988 in Catholic Lawn Cemetery, Rookwood, occupation Inspector of Transport.
    27. i. ADELE ANNE McCROHON (details excluded).
    28. ii. COLIN ROSS McCROHON (details excluded).

20. HUBERT ALEXANDER PERRY, b. 13 NOV 1922 in Summer Hill, Sydney.  Married 26 FEB 1949, ANN-MARIE EASSON, b. 7 OCT 1923.
      i. GREGORY JAMES PERRY, (details excluded).  He married Unknown.
      ii. MARK PATRICK PERRY, (details excluded).  He married KATHLEEN TOGNETTI.
      iii. DAMIEN JOHN PERRY, b. 28 DEC 1955, d. 2 SEP 1979.
      iv. DEBORAH ANNE PERRY, (details excluded).
      v. ELIZABETH THERESE PERRY, (details excluded).
      vi. JOHN JOSEPH PERRY, (details excluded).

21. LESLEY GORDON PERRY, b. 12 JAN 1927 in NSW, d. 19 DEC 1999 in Queensland.  He married ELIZABETH VIOLET LACEY, b. 16 AUG 1926 in NSW.
      i. ROBYN SANDRA PERRY, (details excluded).
      ii. DENNIS LESLEY PERRY, b. 15 MAR 1950, d. 10 OCT 1953.
      iii. KENNETH WAYNE PERRY, (details excluded).
      iv. JANICE DIANNE PERRY, (details excluded).
      v. SUSAN MARIE PERRY, (details excluded).
      vi. BRETT ALLAN PERRY, (details excluded).  He married ?.

22. RUTH MARGARET PERRY, (details excluded).  She married OSCAR SAFIER, b. 11 OCT 1925 in Krakou, Poland.
    29. i. SIMON PAUL MOSES SAFIER b. 24 SEP 1959.
      ii. SHANE OSCAR EREN SAFIER, (details excluded).
      iii. MARCEL GLEN SAFIER, (details excluded).
      iv. KLARA LEE SAFIER, (details excluded).
      v. YVETTE MIA SAFIER, (details excluded).

23. MAY DUNLOP McMORRAN, b. 8 JAN 1917, d. 28 MAY 2011, Poole, Dorset.  Married 25 OCT 1941, JOHN GOODFELLOW.

24. JEAN WATSON McMORRAN, b. 31 OCT 1924.  Married 6 DEC 1954, HAROLD JONES.
      i. ANDREW JONES.
      ii. SIMON JONES.
      iii. STEPHEN JONES, d. 15 APR 2007.

25. DOROTHY HENRIETTA FALCONER, (details excluded).  She married MALCOLM IMRIE, (details excluded).
    30. i. LYN IMRIE (details excluded).
      ii. SCOTT IMRIE, (details excluded).  He married VITTORIA AXXARELLO.

26. ALEXANDER JOHN FALCONER, (details excluded).  He married PATRICIA KINNEAR MOIR, (details excluded).
      i. PETER ALEXANDER FALCONER, (details excluded).
      ii. CLAIRE DAWN FALCONER, (details excluded).

Generation Seven

27. ADELE ANNE McCROHON, (details excluded).  She married TONY NICHOLLS, (details excluded).
      i. LUKE GABRIEL NICHOLLS, (details excluded).
      ii. YASMIN LOUISE NICHOLLS, (details excluded).
      iii. KRISTIAN CHE NICHOLLS, (details excluded).
      iv. ANNELISE SKYE NICHOLLS, (details excluded).

28. COLIN ROSS McCROHON, (details excluded).  He married LYNETTE ELIZABETH FROST, (details excluded).
      i. KYLIE ELIZABETH McCROHON, (details excluded).

29. SIMON PAUL MOSES SAFIER, b. 24 SEP 1959 in Southport, QLD, d. 17 JAN 1994 in Southport, QLD.  He married ARLENE DOHINOG, b. in Negros, Phillipines.
      i. MIA SAFIER.

30. LYN IMRIE, (details excluded).  She married IAN WHALEN.
      i. SARAH WHALEN, (details excluded).
      ii. KATIE WHALEN, (details excluded).

Thank you to my relatives Iris McCrohon (#19 - deceased), May Goodfellow (#23 - deceased), Jean Jones (#24) and new found cousins Alexander Falconer (#26) and Jean Rosengrove (#13ii) for supplying information. If you can add further information or think you might be related please get in touch.
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