Photographic Collectors Club of Queensland

Established 19 years

is a group for collectors of cameras and photographica based in Brisbane, Australia that was formed in late 1999 and is the first photographic collectors group (as opposed to camera users group) to be formed in Queensland thanks to the efforts of founding President Herb Parker. Cameraholics is affiliated with the PSQ (Photographic Society of Queensland Inc).

At our meetings the group discusses interesting and collectable cameras and other items of photographica. Members bring along anything from the most common to quite rare, odd and unusual items for a round table show and tell. Our member's interests span 19th century photographica, classic folding, rangefinder and SLR/TLR cameras to miniature, odd film size and novelty cameras and beyond including digital! We have members who specialize in collecting equipment produced by individual photographic manufacturers from Alpa to Zeiss.

Why not bring along an interesting camera or photography related item and meet like-minded collectors with a wealth of knowledge about a diverse range of photographic items?

Cameraholics meet monthly and stage the only second hand photographic market in Queensland once a year on the first Sunday in June.

As of November 2018 the office bearers are:

President Nigel Wright -
Vice President TBA -
Secretary Hans Brantz 0447 887 613
Fair table bookings Gordon McLellan 0429 644 042
Treasurer Garry O'Donnell -
Webmaster Marcel Safier 0411 238 612

Postal Address: - PO Box 262, Mt Ommaney QLD 4074

Meetings: 7:30pm, 1st Friday of each month
Global Learning Centre, 102 McDonald Rd, Windsor, QLD 4030
(opposite the bowling club on Blackmore St and under the Albion overpass off Hudson Rd)


Cameraholics Meeting Schedule:

4 January 2019
1 February 2019
1 March 2019
5 April
3 May
7 June
5 July 2019
2 August 2019
6 September 2019
4 October 2019
1 November 2019
6 December 2019

New members and visitors are always welcome!


If you have old cameras and other photographic equipment that you wish to sell to us or even donate, why not contact us? Just about everyone has an old camera or photographic item tucked away somewhere that might be of interest to someone in our group. Our members include some of the keenest collectors and photographic historians in Australia, so your items will find a good home.

Please note: we are unable to respond to phone calls and email requests merely for identification, appraisal, valuation of and operating instructions for cameras and photographic items. We are however always happy to hear from you if you are parting with photographic items.



The Cameraholics annual camera fair provides an excellent opportunity to pick up a variety of mostly second hand collectable and usable photographic items with plenty of bargains as well. Our fairs are the only event of their kind in Queensland.

With both film and digital cameras and accessories on sale there is something to appeal to all types of photographers
and those wishing to use manual lenses on digital camera bodies will find plenty to choose from. There will also be film, filters, tripods, Polaroid material, cine, darkroom equipment, books, instruction manuals and much more, including our ever popular table of free items...

Our fair also provides a good opportunity to view an amazing array of photographic items, many which can't readily be seen elsewhere and often a chance to catch up with old friends and acquaintances and find out more about our group Cameraholics. In the past traders have attended from Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, North Queensland, Northern NSW, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and even the USA.

Stall costs are:
$30 per 1/2 table (1.2m x 0.75m) or
$55 per full table (2.4m x 0.75m)

Having a sale table/s at our fair affords an excellent way to sell and recycle your unwanted photographic items. The next fair is on Sunday 2 June 2019. Table bookings need to be made and paid for by 3 May 2019. Contact
Gordon McLellan to arrange this.

Our camera fair now has a Facebook page!




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Webmaster: Marcel Safier, email: Holland Park, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. This site was last updated 28 April 2019

**If you have any old photographic gear be it cameras, lenses, photographic accessories, manuals, books,
photographic advertising etc. that you wish to sell or donate, please contact Cameraholics.**