The McMURRANs/McMURRENs in New Zealand
Created 23 August 1998/last update 18 October 2005

The IGI lists this event:

James McMURRA(E)N m.1889 Dunedin, Otago, Elizabeth FLYNN

I have not conducted much research into the NZ McMurrans yet and can only confirm the following names from a NZ White Pages search 23 August 1998:

McMurran Alistair, 119 Kenmure Rd Mornington Dunedin, 0-3-453 5577
McMurran G W & C F, 31 Aotea St Andersons Bay Dunedin, 0-3-455 5125
McMurran R W, 59 Oakwood Ave Maryhill Dunedin, 0-3-453 6062

I am informed that some descendants of David McMURRAN of Prestwick, Ayr now live in New Zealand
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