The McMURRANs/McMURRENs in Australia
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1. WILLIAM McMURRAN b. 1832, Castlerennary, Co. Down, Ireland, (son of JAMES McMURRAN and ANNE THOMPSON) m. 21 APR 1857, in Ballarat, Vic, MARY ANN BLAKE, b. 1830, Drumbane, Newport, Co Tipperary, Ireland, d. 15 DEC 1902, Landsborough, Victoria, buried: 16 DEC 1902, Navarre, Victoria.  WILLIAM died 7 FEB 1906, Landsborough, Victoria,  buried: 9 FEB 1906, Navarre, Victoria.
      i JOHN McMURRAN b. 1858, Ballarat, Vic, d. 1858, Ballarat, Vic.
      ii JANE ELLEN McMURRAN b. 1859, Ballarat, Vic, d. 1859, Ballarat, Vic.
    2. iii AGNES THOMPSON McMURRAN b. 1861.
      iv WILLIAM McMURRAN b. 1862, Ballarat, Vic, d. 1863, Ballarat, Vic.
      v JANE MARY ELLEN McMURRAN b. 1864, Ballarat, Vic, d. 1864, Ballarat, Vic.
      vi KATE PRITTIE McMURRAN b. 1865, Ballaract, Vic, d. 1866, Ballarat, Vic, buried: Navarre, Vic.
      vii MARY ANN McMURRAN b. 1866, Ballarat, Vic, d. 1867, Ballarat, Vic.
      viii SAMUEL JAMES McMURRAN b. 1869, Ballarat, Vic, d. 28 OCT 1900, Landsborough, Vic, buried: Navarre, Vic.

Second Generation

2. AGNES THOMPSON McMURRAN b. 1861, Ballarat, Vic, m. 7 APR 1890, in Inglewood, Vic, WILLIAM BIBBY, b. 15 NOV 1864, d. 9 MAY 1932, buried: Navarre, Vic.  AGNES died 5 JUL 1934, Landsborough, Vic, buried: Navarre, Vic.
      i OLIVER WILLIAM BIBBY b. 1891, Landsborough, Vic.
      ii WILLIE THOMAS BIBBY b. 1892, Landsborough, Vic.
      iii RALPH JAMES BIBBY b. 1895, Landsborough, Vic.
      iv ARTHUR LLEWELLYN BIBBY b. 1897, Landsborough, Vic.
      v HERBERT ERNEST BIBBY b. 1900, Landsborough, Vic.

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Elizabeth McMurren of St Kilda married Phillip William Charles in 1898 in Victoria.

Annie Coldwell the daughter of Murray Thomas Coldwell and Anne McMurran died aged 59 in Sheperton in  1899.

During 1899 Henry McMurren of Belfast married Eliza Willcox, Ann Bell McMurran married George William Nickols, Rachel Edith McMurren married William Edward Henshaw and Susan Elizabeth McMurren married Robert Washington Noble all in Victoria.

James Coveny Malcolm McMurran was born in Dover, England in 1886, the son of Corporal William McMurran of Dalry in Ayrshire and he emigrated to Victoria in 1913 and met his wife Gladys Catleugh there. They were married in the Wesley Church, Melbourne in 1914. James enlisted as a sergeant and instructor in the army in 1914 and re-enlisted as a private in the AIF in 1915 during which year their first child Nancy was born. James saw action in the Somme where he was bad injured in 1916. After his return to Melbourne he had a son Malcolm in 1919 and a daughter Dorothy in 1920. Later he moved to Launceston, Tasmania where his daughter Dorothy was Matron at the General Hospital and he died there in 1957. This family's tree is below:

WILLIAM McMURRAN b. Dalry, Ayrshire, m. 7 SEP 1880, in Dover, England, ELIZA JANE COVENEY, b. Folkestone, England, d. Dover, England.  WILLIAM died 19 JAN 1896, Dover, England.

Second Generation

2. JAMES COVENY MALCOLM McMURRAN b. 23 MAR 1886, Dover, England, m. 5 MAY 1914, in Welsey Church, Melbourne, GLADYS AVERY CATLEUGH, b. 30 SEP 1893, Peterborough, England, d. NOV 1982, Melbourne, Victoria.  JAMES died 17 MAR 1957, Launceston, Tasmania.
      i NANCY McMURRAN b. 28 AUG 1915, Melbourne, d. DEC 1939, Prahran, Melbourne, Victoria.
    3. ii MALCOLM HENDERSON McMURRAN b. 30 APR 1919.
      iii DOROTHY McMURRAN b. 28 JUN 1920, Melbourne, d. DEC 1960.

Third Generation

3. MALCOLM HENDERSON McMURRAN b. 30 APR 1919, Fairfield, Victoria, m. 6 JAN 1945, in St David's, Habberfield, NSW, HEATHER RAEWYL BAINES.
      ii DAVID IAN McMURRAN b. 3 JAN 1949.
      iii ALAN MALCOLM McMURRAN b. 17 JUN 1950.

James McMurran
, who was born in Sussex, England emigrated to Sydney and lived at Rockdale where his wife Rebecca who has survived him still resides. James' father William was from Glasgow and his mother was Elsie Minnie Puttock. James still has siblings William and Jean who live in Lancing, Sussex and 3 siblings who have died: John, James and Elsie.
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