The McMORRINES of Urr, Kirkcudbright
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First Generation

1. PETER McMORRINE b. 1809, m. ISABELLA M. COLTART, b. 1825, Urr, Kirkcudbright, d. 1894, Urr, Kirkcudbright.  PETER died 1868, Urr, Kirkcudbright.
      i JOHN McMORRINE b. 13 SEP 1848, Urr, Kirkcudbright, d. 1867, Urr, Kirkcudbright.
      ii AGNES McMORRINE b. 10 JUN 1850, Urr, Kirkcudbright.
      iii ROBERT McMORRINE b. 2 JAN 1852, Urr, Kirkcudbright.
      iv SAMUEL McMORRINE b. 6 APR 1853, Urr, Kirkcudbright.
      v WILLIAM McMORRINE b. 30 APR 1855, Urr, Kirkcudbright.
      vi JAMES McMORRINE b. 11 FEB 1859, Urr, Kirkcudbright, d. 1873, Urr, Kirkcudbright.
      vii MARY GRACE McMORRINE b. 25 APR 1861, Urr, Kirkcudbright, d. 1867, Urr, Kirkcudbright.
      viii JANE NEVISON McMORRINE b. 17 MAR 1868, Urr, Kirkcudbright, d. 1893, Urr, Kirkcudbright.

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