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John M'Moryn appears as a witness in Kirkcudbright in 1466. Alexander McMoren in Galloway had a respite for "treasonable intercommonyng with Inglismen" in 1529.1 M’Morrane of Kirkennan, being in debt 400 merks to George Gordon in Culwha, assigned to him the lands of Mylneton of Buittle on the 20th May 1585. He married Margaret, daughter of John Gordon of Lag, parish of Girthon.2 Probate records show Edward Malmorane was retoured heir of Margaret Gordoun his mother in lands of Blakat in Kirkcudbright in 1576.  On the 25th June 1586, Edward (Maxwell), commendator of Dundrennan, conveyed to Robert M’Morrane of Kirkennan, the teind schaws of the eight-merk land of Torr and Len Schannel, with pertinents in Rerwick. The witness to this was James Hutton, Prior, &c. Robert M’Morrane appears to have left two daughters as heirs-portioners. Their names were Nicolas and Margaret. On the 26th February 1592, they were served as heirs to their father.3 The farms of Blackbelly, Chapeltoun or Chapelcroft, &c., are believed to have formed a portion of the Buittle estate and a notice dated 12th March 1611, shows Nicola and Rosina, daughters and heirs of Robert M’Morane, had retour of Blackbelly, &c. On the 31st October 1615, Robert, son of Robert Maxwell of Spottes, was served heir to Chapelcroft or Chapeltoun, and Blackbellie, but in what way he became heir does not appear.4

The first mention of the name in the parish registers is in Minnigaff where John McMorran married Janet Henderson in 1707. In Girthon, Margaret McMorrin married James Paulin in 1729 and Helen McMorrin married James Tod in 1732. Robert McMorine and his wife Jannet McClellan had a daughter Margaret baptised at Buittle in 1738. Another Helen McMorran married John McCutcheon at Minnigaff in 1749. In Twynholm Samuel McMoran had a daughter Mary baptised in 1766 and William McMorran married Janet Rain there in 1772. A William McMoran had a son William baptised at Balmaghie in 1769 (see The McMorrans of Kirkcudbright website).

Unfortunately the church records are too incomplete to allow any connections to be drawn between these early inhabitants of Kirkcudbright although it is evident the McMorran surname has over a 500 year history in the county.

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The earliest parish register entry is for the marriage of Edward McMorreine to Jeane Thomsone at Dumfries in 1670 and the earliest baptism of is of Margrat McMorrine, daughter to Robert, on 7 January 1681 at Dumfries. There is a gap in further entries until Walter McMoran has his son Thomas baptised in Kirkpatrick Juxta in 1748, and James McMorin married Elizabeth Walker in that same year at Kirkmahoe.  Samuel McMorran and Barbara Haining had their children baptised in Sanquhar from 1758.  Samuel McMor(r)in and his wife Helen Watson had three children baptised in Morton by Thornhill from 1774. 

The best traced lines of Dumfrieshire McMorrines so far is that resulting from the marriage of Andrew McMorrin(e) to Grizzel Lorimer in 1786 at Closeburn. (see The McMORRINES of Closeburn, Dumfrieshire and Kirkcudbrightshireand the family of the above Samuel McMorrin and Helen Watson (see The McMorrines of Morton, Dumfrieshire).  The family of early Presbyterian Minister Robert McMorrine (b.1709) and Elizabeth Maxwell is also extensive (see The McMorines of Dumfrieshire).

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