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Several McMorrins from Dumfries, Scotland and Ireland emigrated to Australia although that surname nowadays belongs to just one family in Brisbane and at least one family of that surname emigrated to NZ.from Dumfries. There are no McMorrins amongst the many convicts who were transported to Australia. 


Jane Louisa Maynord McMorrin, a native of Monaghan in Ireland emigrated to Port Phillip aboard the Duke of Newcastle arriving in October 1865 as an assisted immigrant. Two years later she married William Field May.  Their children were: Charles William (b. 1868), William Field (b. 1869, d. 1873, Collingwood), Eva May (b. 1871, Collingwood), Olive Ethel (d. 1876, Collingwood) and William Field (b. 1876, Fitzroy).

William McMorrin of Dumfries married Euphemia Little in Victoria in 1868 and was probably the son of William McMorrin and Sarah Currie.  He died at St Kilda in 1885 aged 46.

James McMorrin of Ireland (b.c. 1822) the son of Felix McMorrin and Bridget Fletcher died in Victoria in 1875.

Thomas McMorin (or possibly McMorrow*) of Sligo in Ireland married Mary Anne (a.k.a. Minnie) O'Shea in Victoria in 1876 and they had children Ruby Alba (b.1886, St. Kilda) and Mabel Una (b.1888)


Thomas McMorrin m. 1873, Partick, Mary Anderson
     1.i Thomas McMorrin

Second Generation

1. Thomas McMorrin b. 1875, d. 23 Jan 1939, buried: Toowong Cemetery, QLD, m. Grace Mary Bull b. 1879, d. 5 Aug 1943, buried: Toowong Cemetery, QLD.
     i Alice Seline McMorrin b. 26 Dec 1915.
     ii Thomas William McMorrin.

First Generation

      i (female) McMORRIN, bap. 22 DEC 1825, Dunscore, Dumfries.
      ii MARGARET McMORRIN, bap. 3 APR 1828, Holywood, Dumfries.
      iii JEAN McMORRIN, bap. 17 OCT 1832, Holywood, Dumfries.
      iv AGNES McMORRIN, bap. 18 SEP 1834, Holywood, Dumfries.
      v JOHN McMORRIN, bap. 2 FEB 1837, Holywood, Dumfries.
      vi THOMAS McMORRIN, bap. 31 JUL 1838, Holywood, Dumfries.
    2. vii JOHN McMORRIN.
      viii ELIZABETH McMORRIN, bap. 22 DEC 1842, Holywood, Dumfries.

Second Generation

2. JOHN McMORRIN, bap. 17 AUG 1840, Holywood, Dumfries.  He married JANE SHAW, m. 28 MAY 1862, in Balmaclennan, Kirkcudbright.  JOHN died 10 MAR 1884, Blenheim, NZ.
      i JANE McMORRIN, b. 31 OCT 1863.  She married EDWARD LAW, m. 2 SEP 1885.  JANE died 28 JAN 1910.
    3. ii MARY ANN McMORRIN b. 1867.
    4. iii SUSAN McMORRIN b. 1873.

Third Generation

3. MARY ANN McMORRIN, b. 1867, Picton, Marlborough, NZ.  She married RICHARD JAMES WESTERN, m. 27 SEP 1888, b. 12 NOV 1862, Picton, New Zealand, d. 24 DEC 1917.  MARY died 16 NOV 1892, buried: Massacre Hill, NZ.
      i JOHN EDWARD GEORGE WESTERN, b. 16 OCT 1889, Picton, NZ, d. 19 SEP 1890.
      ii GORDON RICHARD WESTERN, b. 11 JUL 1891, Picton, NZ, d. 9 JUN 1968.

4. SUSAN McMORRIN, b. 1873, Picton, NZ.  She married RICHARD JAMES WESTERN, m. 30 OCT 1894, b. 12 NOV 1862, Picton, New Zealand, d. 24 DEC 1917.  SUSAN died 2 JUN 1902, buried: Massacre Hill, NZ.
      i AMBROSE HARRY WESTERN, b. 20 OCT 1895, Picton, NZ.
      ii GEORGE EDWARD WESTON, b. 22 AUG 1897, Picton, NZ, d. 5 JUN 1968.
      iii JAMES HAMILTON WESTERN, b. 2 JUL 1899, Picton, NZ, d. 6 NOV 1969.

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