The McMORRANs of Lanarkshire, Scotland
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The McMorran name can be found in Lanarkshire from the 14th century. Black's "The Surnames of Scotland" mentions William M'Moryne who was a tenant under the Douglas in the barony of Buittle in 1376 and Maurice Macmoryn who was the rector there died in 1381.

William MacMorin, lately papal nuncio to the king and realm of Scotland petitioned in 1395 for the canonry and first prebend of Glasgow. He died in 1408.

The McMorran surname is recorded in Crawfordjohn, Lanarkshire from the 16th century. A William Makmorane of Glespin, an estate situated between Crawfordjohn and the neighbouring village of Douglas is recorded there in 1538. James McMorran was the Laird of Glespin from the early 17th century, the estate passing to his son also named James. A Jacob McMorane is recorded in Crawfordjohn in 1621. Geillis M'Morrane, in Onsett, in Crawfurdjohn had probate granted in 13 Apr 1635 and James M'Morrane, of Glespen, parish of Crawford (possibly the Laird referred to above) had probate granted 23 Nov 1691. In the 1690s James McMorran and Jean Ruan had a son David baptised in Crawfordjohn in November 1694. Another James McMorran married Margaret Watsone at Crawfordjohn on 19 December 1699 and they had the following children baptised: Margaret (2 February 1702), Elizabeth (6 May 1705) and Robert (28 May 1710) (this is the line of the maintainer of this site Marcel Safier - see the McMorrans of Crawfordjohn, Lanarkshire). Claude McMorran and his wife Elizabeth Paton had sons James (bapt. 19 Sep 1695) and John (bapt. 3 Aug 1696).

Other early McMorran entries in the Lanarkshire parish registers are for the family of William McMorran and Janet Mair living in Lanark who were married 4 April 1683 and had the following children baptised: James (26 June 1684), Margarat (21 April 1686), William (4 January 1688), Grissall (16 January 1690), Mary (1 May 1692), Elizabeth (28 Jan 1694) and Katherine (14 April 1695). Agnes MacMorren married James Carmichall 19 October 1684 in Lanark and may have been a sister to William.

William McMorren married Katherin Brown in the parish of Wiston and Roberton in 1693 and they had a son John baptised 25 February 1694.

Probate records for Lanarkshire mention the following:

Mongo M'Morane, in St Connelis Chappell, parish of Douglas 24 May 1623
Bessie M'Morrane, relict of William Corsbie, in Scheilburne, parish of Douglas 10 July 1630
John M'Morrane, in Weston scheilles, parish of Douglas 6 July 1657
Geillis M'Morrane, in Onsett, in Crawfurdjohn 13 Apr 1635
James M'Morrane, of Glespen, parish of Crawford 23 Nov 1691
James M'Morrane, in Biggar 1 Jan 1656
John M'Morrane, in Lindsey-lands, parish of Biggar 25 July 1676
Jean, lawful daughter to the deceased Alexander M'Morrane, in Lindsay-lands 3 Jul 1696
William M'Morrane, in Westraw of Biggar, parish of Biggar 2 Aug 1661
Margaret M'Morrane, spouse to John Byres, in Culter maynes, parish of Culter 2 Aug 1661

This map shows the region of southern Lanarkshire where most of the McMorran families resided:

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McMorran G G, 58 Larkfield Rd, Kirkintilloch, Glasgow.
McMorran I, 37 Potter St, G32, Glasgow.
McMorran J, 12 Hume Dv, Bothwell, Glasgow.
McMorran Robt, 8 Dunvegan Dv, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow.
McMorran S, 6 Dornoch Rd, Bearsden, Glasgow.
McMorran S, 82 Hillend Cr, Clarkston, Glasgow.
McMorran T, 176 Aros Dv, G52, Glasgow.
McMorran T L, 38 Mosspark Av, G52, Glasgow.
McMorran C, 1 Murray Ter, Lanark.
McMorran C, 2 Murray Ter, Lanark.
McMorran M, 35 Islay, Airdrie, Lanarkshire.
McMorran G, 1 Eastfield Cott, Coulter, Biggar, Lanarkshire.
McMorran I, Broomfaulds, Coulter, Biggar, Lanarkshire.
McMorran J, Dickland Fm, Lanark.
McMorran James, 39 Albany Dv, Lanark.

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