The McMORRANs of Crawfordjohn, Lanarkshire

Last updated 14 January 2020

The McMorrans of Glespin

Glespin (also spelt Glaspin) i.e. Greenhill is found in names of places in Crawford, Douglas, Crawfordjohn, and elsewhere in the Upper Ward of Lanarkshire

The McMorran surname is recorded in Crawfordjohn, Lanarkshire from the 16th century. A William Makmorane of Glaspin, an estate situated between Crawfordjohn and the neighbouring village of Douglas is recorded there in 1538. Patrick Macmorran, son to John Macmorran in Glaspin was apprenticed to James Wood, baxter of Edinburgh 4 January 1603. James McMorran was the Laird of Glespin from the early 17th century. Patrick Macmorran, son to the late James Macmorran of Glaspin was apprenticed with Robert Childers, saddler 21 Mar 1655. William Robertson, son to the late John Robertson, servitor to the Lord Duke Hamilton, was apprenticed to Patrick M'Morane saddler 25 November 1667.

The estate of the Laird passed to his son James McMorran of Glespin who is mentioned in probate records having died10/10/1668 being of Glespin & Cairn currishaw in the barony of Crawfordjohn. James M'Morraneof Glespen, parish of Crawford (probably the son of the Laird referred to above) had probate granted 23 Nov 1691. Claud McMorran of Glespin is mentioned in probate records as the son and heir of this James McMorran. He and his wife Elizabeth Paton or Sitoun (? Seton) had sons James (bapt. 19 Sep 1695) and John (bapt. 3 Aug 1696). William Black entered upon the farm of Sheriffcleugh and on the 13th November 1694 he is recorded to have paid his rent at Douglas to Claud Macmorran of Glespin as tacksman (sic) for the said farm. Claud's probate was sworn in 1712.

The Crawfordjohn Kirk session records make several further references to the McMorrans of Glespin, all in respect of alleged illegitimate children.

"June 28 1727. Katherine Stewart and acknowledged herself to be with child to Robert Mcmorrane son to the Laird of Glespen and that the child was begot Octr 20 1726 in her mother's house, The session exhorted her to repentance but delay her compearance in regard the said Robert Mcmorrane is in England and appoint the moderator to write a letter to him." Robert Mcmorrane denied responsibility and eventually on his return to Crawfordjohn in 1729 the summonds to get him to appear before the kirk session was abandoned after he attacked the officer trying to serve it. (Scottish Record Office. CH2/397/2 pp. 63-66)

"Janry 7 1733. Compeared voluntarily James Mcmorran of Glespen and acknowledged himself to be the father and guilty with Elisabeth Stewart, conformed to her confession." (Scottish Record Office CH2/397/2 pp. 70 & 72)

"May 6 (1770). Which day the session met & constitute by prayer compeared Hanna McDonald late servant to the Laird of Glespin and acknowledged she was with child and that William Mcmorran merchant in Douglas was the father of her child.  Being interrogate where he was guilty with her she answered at Glespin about four months ago was asked if she had told him that she was with child to him answered in the affirmative and say he did not deny it.  She was suitably exhorted to repentance.  The session considering that the said William Mcmorran did not reside in this parish appointed their clerk to write him concerning the affair and require an answer when he will wait on the session." (Scottish Record Office CH2/397/2 pp. 169)

"May 20th 1770. The session met & constitute by prayer compeared William Mcmorran antemeridian and after Hanna McDonald's confession was read over to him he acknowledged had been guilty with her.  He was exhorted by the moderator to repentance and desired to make his first publick appearance this day. This day William Mcmorran was rebuked primo fernoon for the sin of fornication with Hanna McDonald and afternoon was rebuked pro secundo." (Scottish Record Office CH2/397/2 pp. 169)

"30th (May 1791) This day the session met and constitute compeared voluntarily Nicholas Howatson late servant to Mr Mcmorran of Glespine and acknowledged herself to be with child.  Being asked why she had refused to own herself with child when she was spoke to formerly in a private manner answered she had reasons for it  which she did not choose to mention.  She was exhorted to be ingenuous in her confession and to repentance.  Being therefore interrogate who had been guilty with her answered Edward Mcmorran of Glespine had been guilty with her in the latter end of December last.  Being asked if she had told him she was with child to him, said she had about a month ago and that he said not much to her either ways as to owning or denying it, but the .... he said she thought he meant owning it.  She was dismissed in the meantime and the session agreed to take steps for having Mr Mcmorran to be acquainted with the above confession in order to his waiting on the session respecting the affair." (Scottish Record Office CH2/397/2 pp. 236) (see family tree below)

"June 2nd (1791)  Received a letter addressed to the Minister from Mr Mcmorran of Glespine of this date acknowledged the above charge the tenor whereof follows: Revd Sir.  I receved yours per Mr Black and am truly sorry for the occasion but since it has so happened truth and honour will not allow one to deny being guilty with her.  I am Revd Sir Your most obedient. Edward Mcmorran. Glespine June 2 1791. (Scottish Record Office CH2/397/2 pp. 236)

"August 5th (1792)  This day the session met and constitute compeared voluntarily Margaret Forsythe the late servant with Mr Mcmorran of Glespine acknowledged herself to be with child.  Being exhorted to repentance and to be ingenuous in her confession she was asked who had been guilty with her and when the guilt was commited.  She answered Mr Edward Mcmorran her late master and that the guilt was committed about the 1st of January.  She was further asked if she had told Mr Mcmorran, answered no.  She was dismissed and nothing was agreed upon about their further measures on acct of Mr Mcmorran being out of the place." (Scottish Record Office CH2/397/2 pp. 240)

"Octr 21st (1792). The Minister reported to this meeting that he had recd a letter addressed to him or any of the members of the session by the hands of Robt Ramage from Mr Edwd Mcmorran of Glespine imparting his acknowledgment of guilt with Margaret Forsythe his late servant the tenor whereof follows viz.
Revd Sir, Sometime ago I recd a letter from you informing me that Margaret Forsythe had attended your session & she said the child she was then with to my charge.  I believe I cannot clear myself of that woman but must acknowledge the same and will give you no further trouble in that matter.  I am Revd Sir your most obedient. Edward Mcmorran. Glespine Oct 21st 1792
This was left to future consideration." (Scottish Record Office CH2/397/2 pp. 245)  (see family tree below)

"Septr 14th (1794) This day the session being met and constitute compeared Agnes Forsythe an unmarried woman servant to Mr Mcmorran of Glespine and acknowledged herself to be with child.  She was suitably exhorted to repentance and to be ingenuous in her confession.  Being then asked who had been guilty with her said Robt Mcmorran Junr, son of Robt Mcmorran now concerned in the Cotton works at Balfrone.  Being asked when the guilt was commited said about the beginning of April last when he was in this country.  She was dismissed and the Minr in the place where the said Robt Mcmorran Junr resides ordered to be wrote to."

"March 8 (1795) This day the session being met and constitute the Minr reported that he had wrote to Mr Jeffrey Minr of Balfrone and that the Clerk had also afterwards written to Mr Graham Minr of Killairn but that a return had been recd from neither, the minister however produced to the session a letter he had recd from Robt Mcmorran Junr himself, which being read it was agreed that it should be inserted into the minutes of this sederunt the tenor of it is as follows
Balfrone 20th Febry 1795. Revd Sir,  Mr Jeffrey of Balfrone informed me some time ago that Agnes Forsythe late servant to Mr Morran of Glespine had declared n herself to be with child to me.  I acknowledge to have been guilty with her and has given orders to provide her with everything necessary.  I am Revd Sir.  Your most humble servant, Robt Mcmorran Junr, N.B. I reside in the parish of Balfrone tho' my fathers family resides in the parish of Kilairn R.M."

"May 31st (1795)  Agnes Forsythe was rebuked pro primo." (Scottish Record Office CH2/397/2 pp. 254-256)

The following is an extract about Glespin taken from "History of the Parish of Crawfordjohn, Upper Ward of Lanarkshire. 1153 to 1928." by Thomas Reid. Printed by Turnbull & Spiers, Edinburgh, 1928.

"The earliest recorded notice of the lands of Glespin indicate that in the first half of the seventeenth century this property was held by a family of the name of Macmorran, and alludes to an incident not connected with the Laird, But with the Lady of Glespin. The latter had given expression of opinions at the time of Montrose's descent upon the Lowlands favourable to the Highland host and contrary to those of the Presbytery of Lanark. Cited for her utterances on 3rd September 1646 before the court, the "Lady of Glespin compears and confesses she said, 'If Montrose and his people were present she would not be worse used than be our awine.'" She was "ordained to confess her fault privately before the Session, and being humbled, to be received."

Prior to 1654, James Macmorran, probably this lady's husband, was then laird. In The Inquis. Speciales, 250, February 27, 1654, "James Macmorane of Glespin, heir of James Macmorane of Glespin, his father, in the 9 merk lands of Glespin, 0. E. 9 m, N. E. 36 m; the ane merk land of Cairnecureshaw, within the barony of Crawfordjohn, 0. E. 1 m., N. E. 4 m."

One has to pass over a hundred years ere there is found any reference to the lands of Glespin. It was then the time of the '45, and Scotland was in a state of disorder quite equal to the confusion attending Montrose's campaign. The disorderly ranks of Prince Charles Stuart's army on their retreat from Derby passed through the Upper Ward, marching from Drumlanrig by Lamington, Crawfordjohn, Douglas and Lesmahagow to Glasgow, and onwards to the Highlands and Culloden Moor. On this occasion the then Laird of Glespin is found on the side of the Government. He was one of those who mustered at Lamington for the purpose of capturing the disorganised forces of Prince Charles. One of the parishioners of Crawfordjohn is said to have violently taken possession of a musket snatched from the enfeebled hands of a Highland soldier.

The Macmorran family appear to have ceased to be proprietors of Glespin about the commencement of the nineteenth century. They have left behind them little trace of family history, except that, according to popular tradition, Glespin was long possessed by lairds who had the reputation of being miser and spendthrift alternately.

The old house of the Macmorrans was one of considerable extent and appears to have been coeval with the lifetime of the two James Macmorrans mentioned under date 1654.

The successor to the Macmorrans of Glespin was a Glasgow merchant, who in turn disposed of it to Messrs Inglis & Wood, lawyers in Edinburgh. Before the old house of Glespin was demolished these new proprietors were wont to derive a fair rent for the right of shooting over the moor on the estate. For such tenants outhouses, stables and barns of considerable extent were erected for their horses and attendants, and these are still standing.  From the firm of Inglis & Wood, Glespin came into the hands of the Douglas family about 1840. On the valuation roll of 1858-59 it appears as belonging to Lady Montague of Douglas, sister of the then Countess of Home."

The Glespin McMorran succession appears to be as follows:

             William Makmorane of Glespin
                      recorded in 1538
               James McMorran of Glespin
                       d. 10 Oct 1668
               James McMorran of Glespin
                   probate 23 Nov 1691
               Claud McMorran of Glespin = Elizabeth Paton or Sitoun
           |                                                  |
James McMorran                          John McMorran
bap. 19 Sep 1695                         bap. 3 Aug 1696

A Jacob McMorane is recorded in Crawfordjohn in 1621. Geillis M'Morrane, in Onsett, in Crawfurdjohn had probate granted in 13 Apr 1635. James McMorran and Jean Ruan had a son David baptised in Crawfordjohn in November 1694. Another James McMorran married Margaret Watsone at Crawfordjohn on 19 December 1699 and they had the following children baptised: Margaret (2 February 1702), Elizabeth (6 May 1705) and Robert (28 May 1710) (this is the line of the 
maintainer of this site Marcel Safier - see below). 

A rare postcard view of Well Road, Crawfordjohn by James G. Renton from 1913

More rare images of Crawfordjohn are available on James Bell's site: which also includes a complete transcription of Thomas Reid's "History of the Parish of Crawfordjohn, Upper Ward of Lanarkshire1153 to 1928" that was published in 1928 and is partly extracted from above:

Crawfordjohn is in proximity to Crawford, Roberton, Wiston and Quothquan (see the McMORRANs of Wiston, LKS) and Biggar, all areas where McMorran families resided. Skirling, just over the border in Peebleshire is another village where McMorrans lived (see the McMORRANS of Peebleshire and the McMORRANs of Peebleshire/Lanarkshire). 

First Generation

1. JAMES McMORRAN.  Married 19 DEC 1699 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, MARGARET WATSON.
      i. MARGARET McMORRAN, baptized 2 FEB 1702 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark.
      ii. ELIZABETH McMORRAN, baptized 6 MAY 1705 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark.
    2. iii. ROBERT McMORRAN.

Second Generation

2. ROBERT McMORRAN, baptized 28 MAY 1710 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark.  Married 12 JAN 1746 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, JEAN PORTEOUS, b. in Lamington, Lanark. (see the Porteous Family History Page)
      i. MARY McMORRAN, baptized 20 JAN 1747 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark.
      ii. Unknown McMORRAN, baptized 29 JUN 1748 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark.
      iii. ELIZABETH McMORRAN, baptized 20 JAN 1750 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark.
    3. iv. ROBERT McMORRAN.
      v. AGNES McMORRAN, baptized 20 MAY 1753 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark.
      vi. WILLIAM McMORRAN, baptized 16 FEB 1755 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark.
      vii. ELIZABETH McMORRAN, baptized 4 MAR 1757 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark.
      viii. JEAN McMORRAN, baptized 10 JUN 1759 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark.
    4. ix. JOHN McMORRAN.

Third Generation

3. ROBERT McMORRAN, baptized 26 JUL 1751 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark.  Married 23 JUN 1775 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, ELIZABETH FRENCH.
    5. i. ROBERT McMORRAN.

4. JOHN McMORRAN, baptized 24 JUN 1761 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark.  He married CHRISTIAN TODD.
      i. MARGARET McMORRAN, baptized 28 MAR 1779 in Wandell & Lamington, Lanark.
      ii. ROBERT McMORRAN, baptized 8 JUL 1781 in Wandell & Lamington, Lanark.
      iii. JANET McMORRAN, baptized 4 OCT 1783 in Wandell & Lamington, Lanark.
      iv. SARAH McMORRAN, baptized 19 NOV 1786 in Wandell & Lamington, Lanark.
    6. v. ADAM McMORRAN.

Fourth Generation

5. ROBERT McMORRAN, baptized 31 MAR 1776 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, d. 25 FEB 1849 in Overton, Crawfordjohn, Lanark, buried in Overton, Crawfordjohn, Lanark.  Married 7 JUN 1807 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, ELIZABETH WATSON, (daughter of ADAM WATSON and JANET PORTEOUS) baptized 25 FEB 1781 in Lamington, Lanark, d. 5 NOV 1860 in 5 New Street, Edinburgh, cause of death Bronchitis, buried in Crawfordjohn Churchyard, Lanark. (see the Watsons of Lamington, Lanark)
    7. i. JANET McMORRAN b. 27 APR 1808.
      ii. ROBERT McMORRAN, b. 1 AUG 1809 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, d. 7 JUN 1822 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, buried in Crawfordjohn Churchyard Cemetery, Lanark.
    8. iii. ELIZABETH McMORRAN b. 13 APR 1811.
      iv. ADAM McMORRAN, b. 28 DEC 1812 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, d. 14 FEB 1864 in 5 New St, Edinburgh, cause of death Typhoid fever, occupation Dairyman.
    9. v. JAMES McMORRAN b. 19 OCT 1814.
      vi. LILLEAS McMORRAN, b. 11 JAN 1817 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, d. 1898 in West Linton.
    10. vii. JANE McMORRAN b. 10 MAY 1819.
    11. viii. SARAH McMORRAN.
Overton, Crawfordjohn, Lanarkshire, Parish no. 636, E.D. 5
  Rel Marr Age Sex Occ Birthplace
Robert MacMORRAN Head M 65 M Farmer Lanarkshire, Scotland
Elisabeth MacMORRAN Wife  M 55 F   Lanarkshire, Scotland
Adam MacMORRAN     25 M   Lanarkshire, Scotland
Sarah MacMORRAN     20 F   Lanarkshire, Scotland
Catherine MacMORRAN     11 F   Lanarkshire, Scotland

6. ADAM McMORRAN, baptized 8 MAY 1790 in Douglas, Lanark, d. 30 APR 1863 in 26 South Richmond St, Edinburgh, occupation Shepherd, cause of death Hemiplegia (stroke).  He married JANE GREENSHIELDS GIBSON, (daughter of THOMAS GIBSON and JANET HOPE) baptized 16 DEC 1805, d. 26 AUG 1870 in 17 South St. James Street, Edinburgh, cause of death Acute Bronchitis.
    12. i. JOHN McMORRAN.
      ii. THOMASINA McMORRAN, b. 25 AUG 1829 in Crawford, Lanark, baptized 23 SEP 1829 in Crawford, Lanark.
      iii. JANET McMORRAN, baptized 31 DEC 1832 in Crawford, Lanark.  Married 5 SEP 1862, JOHN WIGHT.
      iv. CHRISTINA McMORRAN, b. 11 SEP 1833 in Crawford, Lanark, baptized 10 OCT 1834 in Crawford, Lanark.
      v. ROBERT McMORRAN, baptized 15 JUN 1837 in Crawford, Lanark.
      vi. AGNES McMORRAN, b. 27 FEB 1839 in Crawford, Lanark, baptized 19 MAR 1839 in Crawford, Lanark.
    13. vii. THOMAS GIBSON McMORRAN. Emigrated to New Zealand
    14. viii. CHARLOTTE McMORRAN b. 7 FEB 1846.
    15. ix. WEIR STODDART McMORRAN b. 1848. Emigrated to New Zealand
Rosebank, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Parish no. 635, E.D. 8
  Rel Marr Age Sex Occ Birthplace
Adam McMARRON (sic) Head M 50 M Flesher  Lanarkshire, Scotland
Jean McMARRON   M 35 F   Lanarkshire, Scotland
Thomasina McMARRON     11 F   Lanarkshire, Scotland
Janet McMARRON     9 F   Lanarkshire, Scotland
Christian McMARRON     7 F   Lanarkshire, Scotland
Agness McMARRON     2 F   Lanarkshire, Scotland

Fifth Generation

7. JANET McMORRAN, b. 27 APR 1808 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, d. 24 MAR 1878 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, buried in Crawfordjohn Churchyard Cemetery, Lanark.  Married 22 APR 1831 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, JOHN DICKSON, b. 1809 in Crawford, Lanark, (son of JOHN DICKSON and ELIZABETH WALLS) baptized 23 FEB 1809 in Crawford, Lanark, d. 12 JAN 1886 in Grange Lodge, Bothwell, Lanark, cause of death General Paralysis, buried in Crawfordjohn Churchyard Cemetery, Lanark, occupation Farm Labourer/General Labourer.
      i. JOHN DICKSON, b. 10 MAR 1832 in Goosedubs, Crawfordjohn, Lanark, baptized 18 MAR 1832 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, m. 10 JUL 1857, Carnwath, Lanarkshire, AGNES HADDOW b. 1839, Carnwath, Lanarkshire (daur. of WILLIAM HADDOW and MARION RAMSAY).
    16. ii. ELIZABETH DICKSON b. 30 OCT 1834.
      iii. LILLIAS DICKSON, b. 30 OCT 1839 in Goosedubs, Crawfordjohn, Lanark, baptized 17 NOV 1831 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark.  Married 1862 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, JOHN FORREST.
      iv. JEAN DICKSON, b. 27 DEC 1843 in Goosedubs, Crawfordjohn, Lanark, baptized 4 JAN 1844 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark.  Married 1869 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, THOMAS BROWN.
      v. SARAH DICKSON, b. 8 APR 1845 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, d. 16 APR 1871 in Ellen Dale, Chamberlain Rd, Edinburgh, buried in Crawfordjohn Churchyard Cemetery, Lanark, cause of death Diptheria.
      vi. ROBERT DICKSON, b. 3 MAR 1847 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, d. 7 MAR 1851 in Crawfordjohn Village, Crawfordjohn, Lanark, cause of death Irritability of Stomach, buried in Crawfordjohn Churchyard Cemetery, Lanark.
      vii. JANET DICKSON, b. 25 JAN 1849 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, d. 8 FEB 1850 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, buried in Crawfordjohn Churchyard Cemetery, Lanark.
      viii. ROBERT DICKSON, b. 7 JAN 1851 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, d. 7 MAR 1861 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, buried in Crawfordjohn Churchyard Cemetery, Lanark.
 Dwelling: No 24, Census Place: Crawfordjohn, Lanark, Scotland, Source: FHL Film 0203624     GRO Ref    Volume 636    EnumDist 4    Page 5
  Rel Marr Age Sex Occ Birthplace
John DICKSON Head W 72 M Gen Labourer Crawford, Lanark, Scotland

8. ELIZABETH McMORRAN, b. 13 APR 1811 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, d. 11 OCT 1887.  Married 2 JUN 1839 in Douglas, Lanarkshire, ADAM SOMERVILLE, b. 28 DEC 1809 in Crawfordjohn, Lanarkshire, (son of JOHN SOMERVILLE and KATHRINE WATSON) baptized 5 JAN 1810 in Crawfordjohn, Lanarkshire, d. 13 MAR 1880, occupation Ploughman.
      i. JOHN SOMERVILLE, b. 31 MAY 1840 in Douglas, Lanarkshire.
    17. ii. ELIZABETH SOMERVILLE b. 10 JUL 1842.
    18. iii. ROBERT SOMERVILLE b. 6 OCT 1844.
      iv. CATHERINE SOMERVILLE, b. 24 SEP 1848 in Douglas, Lanarkshire, d. 13 SEP 1850 in Douglas, Lanarkshire.
      v. ADAM SOMERVILLE, b. 14 JUN 1851 in Douglas, Lanarkshire, baptized 29 JUN 1851 in Douglas, Lanarkshire, d. 4 NOV 1853 in Douglas, Lanarkshire.
Dwelling: 16 Portland Place, Census Place: North Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland, Source: FHL Film 0224016     GRO Ref    Volume 692-1    EnumDist 10    Page 38
  Rel Marr Age Sex Occ Birthplace
Robert SOMMERVILLE Head M 36 M Draper 2 Males & 2 Females Douglas, Lanark, Scotland
Agnes SOMMERVILLE Wife M 32   Berwick, Berwick, Scotland
John SOMMERVILLE Son U 9 M Scholar Edinr, Edinburgh, Scotland
Frank SOMMERVILLE Son U 5 m   Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland
Elizabeth LOGAN Servant U 15 Gen Servant Domestic Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland
Dwelling: 7 Brandon Terrace, Census Place: Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Robert SOMERVILLE Head M 46 M Draper's Assistant Douglas, Lanarkshire
Agnes SOMERVILLE Wife M 42   Berwick, Berwrickshire
John SOMERVILLE Son U 19 M Law Clerk City, Edinburgh
Robert SOMERVILLE Son   2   City, Edinburgh

9. JAMES McMORRAN, b. 19 OCT 1814 in Montharrick, Crawfordjohn, Lanark, baptized 30 OCT 1814 in Montharrick, Crawfordjohn, Lanark, d. 21 MAR 1886 in Greenside, Edinburgh, occupation Dairyman.  (1) Married 12 JUN 1840 in Melrose, Roxburgh, JANET DOUGLAS, b. 1818, (daughter of WALTER DOUGLAS and JANE BELL) d. 15 NOV 1859 in 3 Queen's Place, Greenside Row, Edinburgh, buried in New Calton Burying Ground, Edinburgh, cause of death Chronic Bronchitis.  (2) Married 28 FEB 1860 in St Andrews parish, Edinburgh, JANE GOWANS, b. 1827 in Edinburgh, (daughter of JAMES GOWANS and JANE WHITE) d. 14 MAY 1889 in 8 Cheyne Lane, Greenside, Edinburgh, cause of death Asthma and Bronchitis.
    Children by JANE GOWANS:
      i. ELIZABETH WATSON McMORRAN, b. 26 FEB 1861 in 3 Queen's Place, Edinburgh.
    19. ii. ROBERT McMORRAN b. 19 SEP 1862.
      iii. JAMES McMORRAN, b. 15 JAN 1865 in Edinburgh, d. 2 APR 1866 in Edinburgh.
iv. JANE WHITE McMORRAN, b. 4 JUN 1866 in Edinburgh, d. 5 AUG 1956 in Vancouver, Canada.
      v. JANET McMORRAN, b. 17 DEC 1867 in Edinburgh, d. 23 AUG 1868 in Edinburgh.
Dwelling: 82 Coburg Street, Census Place: North Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland, Source: FHL Film 0224016     GRO Ref    Volume 692-1    EnumDist 9    Page 22
  Rel Marr Age Sex Occ Birthplace
James MC MORRAN Head M 66  M Dairyman Crawfordjohn, Lanark, Scotland
Jane MC MORRAN Wife M 54  F   Edinburgh, Scotland
Lizzie Watson MC MORRAN Daur U 20  F   Edinburgh, Scotland
Jane White MC MORRAN Daur   14    Edinburgh, Scotland

10. JANE McMORRAN, b. 10 MAY 1819 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, d. 23 JAN 1871 in 36 New Street, Edinburgh, cause of death Cancer of the uterus, occupation Dairy Worker.
      i. ELIZABETH McMORRAN, b. 1843 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, d. 8 MAY 1911 in Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, cause of death Strangulated femoral hernia/Post operative Shock.
    20. ii. ALEXANDER McMORRAN b. 3 OCT 1854.
      iii. ROBERT McMORRAN, b. 1855 in Edinburgh. Moved to London
      iv. JOHN McMORRAN, b. 1856, d. 17 JAN 1912 in Redfern, Sydney. Emigrated to Australia

For the past twenty five years I believed the children below, that includes my great grandfather Alexander (Sandy) McMorran were the children of Alexander McMorran and Jane Watson. These parent's names are stated on the marriage certificate of Alexander and the death certificates of two of the children, Alexander and Elizabeth. I have never been able to find a baptism for this Alexander McMorran even though the baptisms of the other children of Robert McMorran and Elizabeth Watson are all recorded. There is no record of an Alexander McMorran marrying a Jane Watson and no record of their deaths. They do not appear in the 1841, 1851 or 1861 censuses. Jane/Jean McMorran does appear in the 1841 census as a farm servant to Peter and Martha Haddow at Netherhill, Crawfordjohn and in the 1851 census she is listed at New St, Edinburgh at the house of her brother Adam along with their mother Elizabeth who was widowed two years previously and Elizabeth McMorran, stated as Adam's niece aged 9. In the 1861 census Adam is listed at 5 New St along with his nieces Eliza McMorran aged 19, dairy maid and Sarah Weir, aged 12. Jean McMorran, an unmarried dairy woman aged 38 is listed at 49 Potter's Row, Edinburgh along with Alexander aged 6, Robert aged 5 and John aged 4 all listed as sons. Jean/Jane died in early 1871 and at the census taken in April, Elizabeth McMorran is listed as the head of the house caring for her younger brothers John, Robert and Alexander. The gap in ages between Elizabeth and her brothers might suggest different fathers. Why the family went to such lengths to cover up the birth status of the children is unknown. Alexander McMorran, whose christian name has no family precedent even named his first (and illegitimate) son Alexander so perhaps this name draws from his unknown father's family. Perhpas his father was named Alexander Watson? The next child Henry Falconer McMorran is named for Alexander's mother's father, then Elizabeth Watson McMorran for his father's grandmother, then Catherine Irvine Falconer for her mother's mother and Robert Adam for his father's McMorran grandfather as well as his father's uncle.
Dwelling: No 37 New St, Census Place: Edinburgh Canongate, Edinburgh, Scotland, Source: FHL Film 0224002     GRO Ref    Volume 685-3    EnumDist 74    Page 9
  Rel Marr Age Sex Occ Birthplace
Elizabeth MC MORRAN Head U 38 F Dairy Keeper Crawfordjohn, Lanark, Scotland
Alexander MC MORRAN Brother U 27 M Stenotyper Edinburgh, Scotland
Robert MC MORRAN Brother U 26 M Letterpress Printer Edinburgh, Scotland
John MC MORRAN Brother U 24  M Letterpress Printer Edinburgh, Scotland
Andrew HOPE Servant U 19 M Dairy Man Fountainhall, Edinburgh, Scotland
Margaret MELIE Servant 20 Dairymaid Ireland
Mary SMITH Servant U 18  Dairymaid Bathgate, Linlithgow, Scotland
Jessie MC GILL Servant U 18 F Dairymaid Edinburgh, Scotland

11. SARAH McMORRAN, baptized 3 JUN 1821 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, cause of death Typhus, d. 22 OCT 1868 in 33 New St, Edinburgh.  (1) She married ARCHIBALD WEIR, d. 1 JAN 1849 in Crawfordjohn, Lanarkshire.  (2) Married 5 MAR 1858 in Edinburgh, THOMAS HAMILTON, b. c.1831 in West Calder, Lanark.
    Children by ARCHIBALD WEIR:
      i. ELIZABETH WEIR, baptized 20 SEP 1846 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark.
      ii. SARAH WEIR, b. 3 AUG 1848 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, baptized 17 AUG 1848 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark.
    Children by THOMAS HAMILTON:
      iii. JANET HAMILTON, b. 22 JUN 1858 in Edinburgh, Midlothian.
      iv. ROBINA McMORRAN HAMILTON, b. 2 DEC 1860 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, d. 18 DEC 1883 in Craiglockhart Poorhouse, Colinton, Edinburgh, occupation Domestic Servant, cause of death Abscess of the internal ear and meningitis.
      v. ROBERT McMORRAN HAMILTON, b. 2 DEC 1860 in Edinburgh, Midlothian.
Dwelling: 478 St Vincent St, Census Place: Barony, Lanark, Scotland, Source: FHL Film 0203661     GRO Ref    Volume 644-9    EnumDist 33    Page 14
  Rel Marr Age Sex Occ Birthplace
James MC AUSLAN Head M 48 M Restauranteur Helensburgh, Dunbarton, Scotland
Kate MC AUSLAN Wife M 33 F   Alloa, Clackmannan, Scotland
Abigail MC AUSLAN Daur U 26   Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Margaret W. MC AUSLAN Daur   12  Scholar Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Agnes McCowat MC AUSLAN Daur   11 F Scholar Rothesay, Bute, Scotland
Catherine Thomas MC AUSLAN Daur   8 F Scholar Rothesay, Bute, Scotland
Alexander Thomson MC AUSLAN Son   7 M Scholar Rothesay, Bute, Scotland
James MC AUSLAN Son   5 M   Rothesay, Bute, Scotland
John Thomson MC AUSLAN Son   3 M   Rothesay, Bute, Scotland
Janet MC AUSLAN Daur   1 F   Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Robina HAMILTON     20  F Gen Serv Dom Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland

12. JOHN McMORRAN, baptized 14 NOV 1827 in Crawford, Lanark, d. 25 AUG 1893 in Marbrack, Carsphairn, Kirkcudbright, occupation Shepherd.  Married 2 JAN 1850 in Douglas, Lanark, SARAH MILLAR, b. 1825 in Douglas, Lanark, d. 1900 in Carsphairn, Kirkcudbright.
      i. JANET McMORRAN, b. 2 DEC 1850 in Carmacoupfoot, Douglas, Lanark.
      ii. CHRISTINA McMORRAN, b. 13 MAY 1853 in Carmacoup, Lanark.
      iii. JANE McMORRAN, b. 20 JUL 1855 in Douglas, Lanark.
      iv. ADAM McMORRAN, b. 2 JAN 1857 in Douglas, Lanark, d. 1879 in Carsphairn, Kirkcudbright.
      v. ALEXANDER McMORRAN, b. 11 FEB 1859 in Carsphairn, Kirkcudbright, occupation Shepherd.
      vi. AGNES McMORRAN, b. 20 OCT 1860 in Carsphairn, Kirkcudbright.
      vii. JOHN HARPER McMORRAN, b. 24 JAN 1863 in Carsphairn, Kirkcudbright.
      viii. SARAH GRACE McMORRAN, b. 24 JAN 1863 in Carsphairn, Kirkcudbright, d. 1915 in Kirkmabreck.
      ix. WILLIAM YOUNG McMORRAN, b. 26 SEP 1864 in Carsphairn, Kirkcudbright.
      x. ROBERT McMORRAN, b. 14 SEP 1866 in Carsphairn, Kirkcudbright.

13. THOMAS GIBSON McMORRAN, baptized 1 SEP 1844 in Crawford, Lanark, Scotland, d. 29 JAN 1903 in Dunedin Hospital, NZ, buried 31 JAN 1903 in Plot 0006, Block 143G, Southern Cemetery, Dunedin, NZ, occupation Dealer/Butcher.  Married 19 MAR 1868 in Clyde, Otago, NZ, ANNIE ROBERTSON, b. 11 APR 1847 in Logie Buchan, Aberdeen, Scotland, (daughter of ROBERT ROBERTSON and MARGARET HENDRY) d. 7 NOV 1929 in Caversham, NZ, buried 9 NOV 1929 in Plot 0006, Block 143G, burtonbutrSouthern Cemetery, Dunedin, NZ. Emigrated to New Zealand
    21. i. JEANNIE McMORRAN b. 1871.
      ii. ISABELLA MARGARET McMORRAN, b. 1873 in Otago, New Zealand.  Married 25 NOV 1908 in New Zealand, ALEXANDER BARRIE, b. 23 JAN 1871 in Larbert, Stirling, (son of GEORGE BARRIE and CHRISTINA McINTYRE CLARK).
      iii. CHARLOTTE LOUISE McMORRAN, b. 1879 in Otago, NZ.
      iv. THOMAS GIBSON McMORRAN, b. 1881 in NZ, d. 1903 in NZ.
    22. v. WILLIAM FRANK McMORRAN b. 26 NOV 1887.

14. CHARLOTTE McMORRAN, b. 7 FEB 1846 in Crawford, Lanark, baptized 10 MAR 1846 in Crawford, Lanark, d. 16 NOV 1924 in The Cottage, Forbes Rd, Edinburgh, cause of death Acute Bronchitis/Bronchopneumonia.  Married 17 JUN 1870 in 39 India Place, Edinburgh, ROBERT MILLAR, (son of ALEXANDER MILLAR and CATHERINE EDMOND) baptized 9 JUN 1839 in Duddington, Midlothian, d. <1925, occupation Plasterer/Builder.

15. WEIR STODDART McMORRAN, b. 1848 in Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 27 DEC 1930 in Wellington Hospital, Wellington, NZ, cause of death Cerebral Thrombosis (stroke), buried 29 DEC 1930 in Karori Cemetery, NZ, occupation Engine Driver.  Married 17 JUN 1867 in Edinburgh, Scotland, ALISON COGHILL, b. 1848 in Edinburgh, (daughter of ANGUS COGHILL and HELEN HUNTER) d. 23 JUN 1928 in 51 Pipitea St, Wellington, NZ, cause of death Cancer of the Uterus, buried 26 JUN 1928 in Karori Cemetery, NZ. Weir and his family sailed from Greenock on the City of Dunedin to Otago, NZ on 27th September 1873
      i. ADAM McMORRAN, b. 19 DEC 1867 in St. George, Edinburgh, d. 20 DEC 1867 in 17 North West Circus Place, Edinburgh, cause of death Premature Birth.
      ii. HELEN HUNTER McMORRAN, b. 14 JUN 1869 in St. Andrews, Edinburgh, d. 20 JUN 1870 in 14 South St. James St, Edinburgh, cause of death Acute Tubercular Meningitis.
      iii. ADAM McMORRAN, b. 30 MAR 1871 in St. Andrews, Edinburgh.
    24. iv. JEAN GIBSON McMORRAN b. 30 MAR 1873.
      v. WEIR McMORRAN, b. 1875 in New Zealand, d. 1963 in New Zealand.
      vi. WILLIAM JOHN GUN McLEAN McMORRAN, b. 1877 in New Zealand, d. 1959 in New Zealand.
      vii. un-named McMORRAN, b. 1879 in New Zealand.
      viii. un-named McMORRAN, b. 1881 in New Zealand.
      ix. ALISON McMORRAN, b. 1883 in New Zealand.
      x. ANGUS GUN McMORRAN, b. 1886 in NZ, d. 1941 in NZ.
    25. xi. JOHN BUNKLE McMORRAN b. c.1888.
      xii. ELSE McMORRAN.

Sixth Generation

16. ELIZABETH DICKSON, b. 30 OCT 1834 in Goosedubs, Crawfordjohn, Lanark, baptized 23 NOV 1834 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, d. 28 JAN 1927 in Rowanlea, Clydesdale Street, Hamilton, Lanark, cause of death Acute Pleurisy.  Married 7 SEP 1871 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, DAVID PORTEOUS, b. 4 DEC 1832 in Tinwald, Dumfries, (son of RICHARD PORTEOUS and JANET BELL) d. <1908, occupation Coachman/Gardener.
      i. JOHN PORTEOUS, b. 1873 in Cathcart, Renfrewshire, occupation Bank Clerk.
      ii. JANET PORTEOUS, b. 1875 in Kilmailie, Argyle, occupation Dressmaker.
      iii. ELIZABETH PORTEOUS, b. 1877 in Campsie, Stirling.

17. ELIZABETH SOMERVILLE, b. 10 JUL 1842 in Douglas, Lanark, d. 25 JAN 1922 in Edinburgh, cause of death Acute Bronchitis.  Married 29 JUL 1870, JOHN JACK, b. 1839 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, (son of JOHN JACK and ELISABETH STEWART) occupation Dairyman, baptized 20 OCT 1839 in Crawfordjohn, Lanark, d. <1923.
      i. JOHN JACK, b. 5 MAY 1871 in Leith, Edinburgh.
      ii. ELIZABETH McMORRAN SOMERVILLE JACK, b. 30 MAR 1873 in Edinburgh.
      iii. HELEN STEWART JACK, b. 24 MAY 1875 in Edinburgh.
      iv. WILLIAM JACK, b. 24 MAY 1877 in Edinburgh.
      v. AGNES WALLACE JACK, b. 13 SEP 1879 in Edinburgh.
      vi. ROBERT JACK, b. 27 SEP 1886.
Dwelling: 43 St Leonard St, Census Place: Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland, Source: FHL Film 0224009     GRO Ref    Volume 685-5    EnumDist 33    Page 10
  Rel Marr Age Sex Occ Birthplace
John JACK Head 41 M Dairyman Crawfordjohn, Lanark, Scotland
Elizabeth S. JACK Wife 38     Douglas, Lanark, Scotland
John JACK Son   M Scholar Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland
Elizabeth M. JACK Daur   8 F Scholar Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland
Helen S. JACK Daur   Scholar Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland
William JACK Son   3 M   Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland
Agnes W. JACK Daur   1   Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland
Elizabeth MC MORRAN Mother In Law W 69  Nurse Crawfordjohn, Lanark, Scotland
Annie WILSON Servt U 19 Dairymaid Domestic Servt Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland
Margaret WATSON Servt U 15 Dairymaid Domestic Servt Shotts, Lanark, Scotland

18. ROBERT SOMERVILLE, b. 6 OCT 1844 in Douglas, Lanarkshire, occupation Draper.  Married 2 AUG 1870 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, AGNES WALLACE, b. 1849 in Berwick, Berwick.
      i. JOHN SOMERVILLE, b. 4 MAY 1871 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, occupation Law Clerk.
      ii. SARAH WALLACE SOMERVILLE, b. 31 MAR 1873 in Leith, Midlothian.
      iii. ALEXANDER WALLACE SOMERVILLE, b. 21 MAY 1874 in Leith, Midlothian.
      iv. FRANK SOMERVILLE, b. 1875 in Leith, Midlothian.
      v. ROBERT SOMERVILLE, b. 1888 in Edinburgh, Midlothian.

19. ROBERT McMORRAN, b. 19 SEP 1862 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, occupation Dairyman, d. 25 APR 1942 in 148 Albert St, Leith.  Married 2 JAN 1888 in Leith, Edinburgh, JESSIE BAILLIE, b. 3 AUG 1870 in Dalkeith, Midlothian, (daughter of THOMAS BAILLIE and MARY PATERSON) d. 6 AUG 1949 in 52 Madeira St, Leith, Edinburgh, cause of death Cancer of pancreas.
      i. JAMES McMORRAN, b. 22 FEB 1888 in South Leith, Edinburgh.  Married 1921 in St. Andrews, Edinburgh, MARTHA W. ALEXANDER.
      ii. THOMAS BAILLIE McMORRAN, b. 1889 in St Andrew, Edinburgh, occupation Spirit Dealer.  Married 25 FEB 1913 in 28 Howard Place, Edinburgh, ALICE LITTLE, b. 1891, (daughter of ALFRED LITTLE and AGNES SPENCE) occupation Envelope Maker.
      iii. ROBERT McMORRAN, b. 25 MAR 1892 in 2 Elliot St, Edinburgh, occupation Baker, military Private S/4070295 A.S.C., B.E.F., France.  Married 6 JUN 1917 in 14 Derby St, Leith, HARRIET SWANSON, b. 1895, (daughter of GEORGE McBETH SWANSON and HARRIET ROSA MATHER).

20. ALEXANDER McMORRAN, b. 3 OCT 1854, d. 19 MAR 1926 in 12 Dalgety Street, Edinburgh, occupation Letterpress Printer.  Married 22 APR 1881 in 29 St John's Hill, Edinburgh, JANET FALCONER, b. 24 JUL 1861 in 1 Water's Close, Leith, Edinburgh, (daughter of HENRY FALCONER and CATHERINE IRVINE) d. 15 MAY 1928 in Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, cause of death Cerebral Hemorhage and Bronchopneumonia. (see the Falconer Family of Edinburgh)
      i. ALEXANDER McMORRAN, b. 25 MAR 1881 in 29 St John's Hill, Edinburgh, d. 26 JUL 1881.
      ii. HENRY FALCONER McMORRAN, b. 31 MAR 1882, d. 13 MAY 1883.
    26. iii. ELIZABETH WATSON McMORRAN b. 10 JUL 1883. Emigrated to Australia
    27. iv. CATHERINE IRVINE FALCONER McMORRAN b. 28 JAN 1885. Emigrated to Australia
    28. v. ROBERT ADAM McMORRAN b. 13 NOV 1886.
      vi. GEORGE FALCONER McMORRAN, b. 12 OCT 1888 in Tranent, Edinburgh.
      vii. JANE WATSON McMORRAN, b. 12 AUG 1890, d. 5 AUG 1960 in Edinburgh, Midlothian.
    29. viii. ALEXANDRA McMORRAN b. 23 DEC 1892. Emigrated to Australia
      ix. JOHN FALCONER McMORRAN, b. 19 JUN 1895, d. 2 OCT 1918 in France, killed in action WW1, buried in Grave VII. A. 4, Bellicourt British Cemetery, Aisne, France, military Serjeant 5th/6th Battalion, Royal Scots Regiment. Awarded Military Medal.
      x. HENRIETTA FALCONER McMORRAN, b. 9 SEP 1897, d. 17 JUL 1898.
      xi. JAMES McMORRAN, b. 11 MAY 1899, d. 6 JUN 1899.
      xii. JANET McMORRAN, b. 11 MAY 1899, d. 27 MAY 1899.
      xiii. MARGARITE (DAISY) McMORRAN, b. 10 SEP 1900, d. 23 MAR 1920 in City Hospital, Colinton, Edinburgh, cause of death Septicemia from septic sore throat, occupation Draper's Assistant.

21. JEANNIE McMORRAN, b. 1871 in Clyde, Otago, NZ, d. NOV 1929 in NZ.  Married 26 APR 1893 in Caversham, NZ, JAMES SOUNESS, b. 1865, (son of JOHN SOUNESS and AGNES ROBERTSON) d. 18 SEP 1911 in Palmerston, NZ.
    30. i. MABEL ANNIE SOUNESS b. 16 APR 1894.
      ii. AGNES ETHEL SOUNESS, b. 27 OCT 1895 in Caversham, NZ.
      iii. JOHN COLIN SOUNESS, b. 29 NOV 1897 in Caversham, NZ, d. 1987 in Wellington, NZ.  Married 1925 in New Zealand, JESSIE RUTH AITKEN, b. 9 AUG 1900, d. 1994 in New Zealand.
      iv. JAMES GORDON SOUNESS, b. 1907 in New Zealand, d. 1998 in New Zealand.

22. WILLIAM FRANK McMORRAN, b. 26 NOV 1887 in Dunedin, New Zealand, baptized 1892 in First Church of Otago, NZ, occupation Railway Guard, d. 1975 in New Zealand.  Married 25 NOV 1908 in Dunedin, New Zealand, OLIVE MAY WEST, b. 1889.
      i. WILLIAM FRANK McMORRAN, b. 1909 in NZ, d. 1927 in Timaru Hospital, NZ.
    31. ii. ROBERT JAMES McMORRAN b. 1910.
      iii. JACK McMORRAN, b. 1912 in Dunedin, NZ.  He married OLIVE Unknown.
      iv. ISOBEL FLOSSIE McMORRAN, b. 1915 in NZ, d. 193?.
    32. v. GORDON WEST McMORRAN b. 18 MAY 1922.
      vi. ISLA MAY McMORRAN, b. 1926 in NZ.

23. EDITH MYRA CAMILLE McMORRAN, baptized 1892 in Church of Otago, NZ.  (1) She married HENDRY JAMES MERNS.  (2) Married 1927 in New Zealand, BERTRAM GUY RANDELL.  (3) She married Unknown IRESON.
    Children by HENDRY JAMES MERNS:
    33. i. HENDRY JAMES McMORRAN b. 1917.
    34. ii. OLIVE JEAN McMORRAN b. 1919.

24. JEAN GIBSON McMORRAN, b. 30 MAR 1873 in St. George, Edinburgh.  Married 21 OCT 1897 in Wellington, NZ, DAVID GIBSON COULTER, b. 12 MAR 1869 in Killarney, Ireland, (son of ARCHIBALD COULTER and MARY ANN GIBSON).
      ii. DAPHNE ANITA COULTER, b. 1903.
      iii. ALFRED WILLIAM COULTER, b. 1904.
      v. STANLEY STUART COULTER, b. 30 JUN 1911.

25. JOHN BUNKLE McMORRAN, b. c.1888 in Wellington, NZ, d. 1976 in Wellington, NZ, occupation Tally Clerk.  Married 24 JAN 1924 in Registrar's Office, Wellington, NZ, MABEL MARIA ROWLAND, b. 1890 in Foxton, NZ, (daughter of HENRY ROWLAND and MARY DEMLER) d. 1949 in Wellington, NZ.
      i. ADAM McMORRAN, b. 1924 in Wellington, NZ, d. 1925 in Wellington, NZ.
    36. ii. HERBERT JOHN McMORRAN b. 17 OCT 1926.
    37. iii. RICHARD WILLIAM McMORRAN b. 14 JUL 1929.

Seventh Generation

26. ELIZABETH WATSON McMORRAN, b. 10 JUL 1883 in Edinburgh, d. 18 OCT 1972 in Chesalon Home, Summer Hill, Sydney, buried in Rookwood Cemetery.  Married 7 JUL 1917 in Hornsby, NSW, HUBERT ANDREWS PERRY, b. 17 FEB 1895 in Charlton, Wraxall, d. 14 OCT 1950 in Templeton, California, buried 20 OCT 1950 in Atascadero District Cemetery, Calif., occupation Butcher/Greengrocer. Both had migrated to Australia
    38. i. IRIS MAY PERRY b. 24 APR 1918.
      ii. FLORENCE EILEEN PERRY, b. 11 OCT 1920 in Summer Hill, Sydney, d. 26 APR 1925, buried in Rookwood Cemetery.
    39. iii. HUBERT ALEXANDER PERRY b. 13 NOV 1922.
    40. iv. LESLEY GORDON PERRY b. 12 JAN 1927.
    41. v. RUTH MARGARET PERRY (details excluded).

27. CATHERINE IRVINE FALCONER McMORRAN, b. 28 JAN 1885 in 3 High Street, Edinburgh, d. 1 OCT 1930 in 3 Trevenar Street, Ashfield, NSW, buried in Grave 719 K, Rookwood Baptist Cemetery.  Married 30 SEP 1909 in Old St Paul's Church, Edinburgh, JOHN GEORGE SCOTT, b. 8 JAN 1883, d. 29 JUN 1970.
      i. MARY LEITH SCOTT, b. 15 JAN 1912 in Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, NSW, d. 199? in Lawson, NSW, occupation Registered nurse.  Married 30 NOV 1942, RODERICK HUGH MACKAY, b. 18 JUN 1902, d. 1974.

28. ROBERT ADAM McMORRAN, b. 13 NOV 1886 in Edinburgh, d. 21 NOV 1967.  Married 24 DEC 1915, MARY DUNLOP, b. 07 JUL 1888, d. 29 JUL 1981.
    42. i. MAY DUNLOP McMORRAN b. 8 JAN 1917.
      ii. GORDON McMORRAN, b. 27 DEC 1918, d. 23 JAN 1919 in Dundee, cause of death Prematurity.
      iii. MAUDE McMORRAN, b. 2 DEC 1919, d. 14 JAN 1920.
    43. iv. JEAN WATSON McMORRAN b. 31 OCT 1924.

29. ALEXANDRA McMORRAN, b. 23 DEC 1892, d. 2 APR 1980, buried 10 APR 1980 in Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood.  (1) Married 27 SEP 1913, ARTHUR MURRAY CRIMSON, b. 1889 in Redfern, NSW, (son of JOHN CRIMSON and ELIZABETH Unknown) d. 1918 in Boorowa, NSW.  (2) She married MARTIN KELLY.
      i. WINIFRED CRIMSON, b. 23 APR 1914 in Sydney, NSW, d. 7 MAY 1968 in Cammeray, NSW, buried 10 MAY 1968 in Northern Suburbs Crematorium, Sydney.
      ii. VICTOR JOHN CRIMSON, b. 10 JAN 1917 in Sydney, NSW, d. 25 DEC 1969.  Married 1941 in New Lambton, NSW, RUBY HITCHCOCK.
    Children by MARTIN KELLY:
      iii. BRIAN MARTIN KELLY, b. 28 FEB 1927.

30. MABEL ANNIE SOUNESS, b. 16 APR 1894 in Caversham, NZ, d. 1929 in Whangarei, NZ.
      i. RUSS COOK, b. 1929.

31. ROBERT JAMES McMORRAN, b. 1910 in Dunedin, NZ.  Married 1934 in NZ, RITA SMALLRIDGE.
    44. i. MARGUERITA ANN McMORRAN (details excluded).
      ii. FRANCES ROSE McMORRAN, (details excluded).  She married PETER GUNDESON.

32. GORDON WEST McMORRAN, b. 18 MAY 1922 in Timaru, New Zealand.  He married AUDREY EILEEN WARD.
    45. i. JANET McMORRAN (details excluded).
    46. ii. LINDSAY McMORRAN (details excluded).

33. HENDRY JAMES McMORRAN, b. 1917 in Dunedin, NZ.  He married GWEN CRAWFORD-COMPTON.
      ii. CHERYL McMORRAN.  She married ANTHONY NELSON.

34. OLIVE JEAN McMORRAN, b. 1919 in NZ, d. 8 JUL 2004 in Dunedin, NZ.  She married FRANK MARSHALL GOULD, b. 21 JUN 1916 in Dunedin, NZ, d. 12 JUN 1998 in Dunedin, NZ.
      i. FRANK MALCOLM GOULD, (details excluded).
      ii. JENNIFER ELLEN GOULD, (details excluded).  She married BASIL CLAUSON HOWELL.
      iii. PHILIP JAMES GOULD, (details excluded).  (1) He married DOROTHY PORTER.  (2) He married NASRIN TOUYOURI.
      iv. RUSSELL JOHN GOULD, (details excluded).  He married MARGARET MILNE.
      v. ALAN BRUCE GOULD, (details excluded).  He married ANNE ROKER.
      vi. ALISTER MARSHALL GOULD, (details excluded).  He married MARGARET HELEN PEATTIE.

35. ARCHIBALD LYALL GIBSON COULTER, b. 28 JUL 1905, d. 1964.  Married 1931 in Napier, New Zealand, DULCIE MAY BERGSTROM.
      i. JILL ELIZABETH COULTER, (details excluded).  (1) She married WILLIAM McRAE ROYSE.  (2) She married GARTH PRITCHARD.

36. HERBERT JOHN McMORRAN, b. 17 OCT 1926.  Married 6 SEP 1952 in Wellington, NZ, EDNA MAY SHERIDAN, b. 3 MAR 1923 in Sydney, NSW.
      i. GRAHAM ROWLAND McMORRAN, (details excluded).
    47. ii. BRONWYN LINLEY McMORRAN (details excluded).
      iii. FIONA ELSPETH McMORRAN, (details excluded).

37. RICHARD WILLIAM McMORRAN, b. 14 JUL 1929 in Wellington, NZ, d. 13 MAR 2000.  He married AILSBETH.
      i. LEIGH McMORRAN.
      ii. KIM McMORRAN.
      iii. JOANNE McMORRAN.
      v. HELEN McMORRAN.

Eighth Generation

38. IRIS MAY PERRY, b. 24 APR 1918 in Crown St Woman's Hospital, Sydney, d. 15 JUN 2008 in Woy Woy, New South Wales, buried 18 JUN 2008 in Point Clare Cemetery, New South Wales.  Married 28 APR 1941, JACK BERTRUDE McCROHON, b. 6 FEB 1917, d. 22 JUL 1988 in Canterbury General Hospital, Campsie, buried 25 JUL 1988 in Catholic Lawn Cemetery, Rookwood, occupation Inspector of Transport.
    48. i. ADELE ANNE McCROHON (details excluded).
    49. ii. COLIN ROSS McCROHON (details excluded).

39. HUBERT ALEXANDER PERRY, b. 13 NOV 1922 in Summer Hill, Sydney.  Married 26 FEB 1949, ANN-MARIE EASSON, b. 7 OCT 1923.
      i. GREGORY JAMES PERRY, (details excluded).  He married Unknown.
      ii. MARK PATRICK PERRY, (details excluded).  He married KATHLEEN TOGNETTI.
      iii. DAMIEN JOHN PERRY, b. 28 DEC 1955, d. 2 SEP 1979.
      iv. DEBORAH ANNE PERRY, (details excluded).
      v. ELIZABETH THERESE PERRY, (details excluded).
      vi. JOHN JOSEPH PERRY, (details excluded).

40. LESLEY GORDON PERRY, b. 12 JAN 1927 in NSW, d. 19 DEC 1999 in Queensland.  He married ELIZABETH VIOLET LACEY, b. 16 AUG 1926 in NSW.
      i. ROBYN SANDRA PERRY, (details excluded).
      ii. DENNIS LESLEY PERRY, b. 15 MAR 1950, d. 10 OCT 1953.
      iii. KENNETH WAYNE PERRY, (details excluded).
      iv. JANICE DIANNE PERRY, (details excluded).
      v. SUSAN MARIE PERRY, (details excluded).
      vi. BRETT ALLAN PERRY, (details excluded).  He married ?.

41. RUTH MARGARET PERRY, (details excluded).  She married OSCAR SAFIER, b. 11 OCT 1925 in Krakou, Poland.
    50. i. SIMON PAUL MOSES SAFIER b. 24 SEP 1959.
      ii. SHANE OSCAR EREN SAFIER, (details excluded).
      iii. MARCEL GLEN SAFIER, (details excluded).
      iv. KLARA LEE SAFIER, (details excluded).
      v. YVETTE MIA SAFIER, (details excluded).

42. MAY DUNLOP McMORRAN, b. 8 JAN 1917.  Married 25 OCT 1941, JOHN GOODFELLOW.

43. JEAN WATSON McMORRAN, b. 31 OCT 1924.  Married 6 DEC 1954, HAROLD JONES.
      i. ANDREW JONES.
      ii. SIMON JONES.
      iii. STEPHEN JONES, d. 15 APR 2007.

44. MARGUERITA ANN McMORRAN, (details excluded).  She married Unknown FRASER.
      i. JOHN FRASER, (details excluded).
      ii. CAROLINE FRASER, (details excluded).

45. JANET McMORRAN, (details excluded).  She married GARY MONTGOMERY.
      i. PAUL MONTGOMERY, (details excluded).
      ii. SARAH MONTGOMERY, (details excluded).
      iii. JONATHON MONTGOMERY, (details excluded).

46. LINDSAY McMORRAN, (details excluded).  He married VYVETTE ALLISON.
      i. HAMISH McMORRAN, (details excluded).
      ii. NADIA McMORRAN, (details excluded).

47. BRONWYN LINLEY McMORRAN, (details excluded).  She married NICHOLAS DYMOCK.
      i. JONATHAN RUSSELL DYMOCK, (details excluded).
      ii. STEPHANIE RHEA DYMOCK, (details excluded).

Ninth Generation

48. ADELE ANNE McCROHON, (details excluded).  She married TONY NICHOLLS, (details excluded).
      i. LUKE GABRIEL NICHOLLS, (details excluded).
      ii. YASMIN LOUISE NICHOLLS, (details excluded).
      iii. KRISTIAN CHE NICHOLLS, (details excluded).
      iv. ANNELISE SKYE NICHOLLS, (details excluded).

49. COLIN ROSS McCROHON, (details excluded).  He married LYNETTE ELIZABETH FROST, (details excluded).
      i. KYLIE ELIZABETH McCROHON, (details excluded).

50. SIMON PAUL MOSES SAFIER, b. 24 SEP 1959 in Southport, QLD, d. 17 JAN 1994 in Southport, QLD.  He married ARLENE DOHINOG, b. in Negros, Phillipines.
      i. MIA SAFIER.
Family members on the internet who have provided info:
Alister Gould (#34vi) Invercargill
Herbert McMorran (#36) Wellington  
Lindsay McMorran (#46) New Plymouth  
Jill Pritchard

Thankyou also to Iris McCrohon (deceased) (#38), Alex Perry (deceased)(#39), Les Perry (deceased)(#40), May Goodfellow (deceased)(#42), Jean Jones (#43) & Tamea Willcocks, a Coulter relative of David Gibson Coulter, husband of Jean Gibson McMorran (#23).


First Generation

    Children by NICHOLAS HOWATSON:
    Children by MARGARET FORSYTHE:
      ii Unknown McMORRAN, b. 1792, Crawfordjohn, Lanark.

Second Generation

2. SUSANNA McMORRAN, bap. 23 AUG 1791, Crawfordjohn, Lanark.  She married DAVID HENDERSON, in Lanark, bap. 17 OCT 1789, Drumelzier, Peebles, d. 12 JUL 1874, Muirkirk, Ayrshire.  SUSANNA died 30 MAR 1883, Main St, Muirkirk, Ayrshire.
      i FRANCIS HENDERSON, bap. 10 AUG 1817, Crawfordjohn, Lanark.
    3. ii SUSANNA HENDERSON b. c.1833.

Third Generation

3. SUSANNA HENDERSON, b. c.1833, Sanquhar, Dumfries.  She married ANDREW MURRAY, 16 DEC 1859, in Crawfordjohn, Lanarkshire, b. 3 NOV 1834, Crawford, Lanark, (son of ROBERT MURRAY and JANET LAUDER) occupation Shepherd, d. 7 JUN 1911, Tweedsmuir, Peebles.  SUSANNA died 12 JAN 1908, Cambusnethan, Lanark.
      i WILLIAM MURRAY, b. 1862, Crawfordjohn, Lanark, occupation Leadsmelter.
      ii JANET MURRAY, b. 1864, Muirkirk, Ayrshire.
      iii ROBERT M. MURRAY, b. 1866, New Cumnock, Ayrshire.
      iv NICHOLAS MURRAY, b. 1868, New Cumnock, Ayrshire.
      v ELIZABETH MURRAY, b. 1870, New Cumnock, Ayrshire.
    4. vi AGNES MURRAY b. 16 OCT 1871.
      vii ANDREW MURRAY, b. 1875, Auchinleck, Ayrshire.

Fourth Generation

4. AGNES MURRAY, b. 16 OCT 1871, Glenlee, New Cumnock, Ayrshire.  She married JOHN RUSSELL, 5 JUN 1894, b. 13 DEC 1868, Eskdalemuir, Dumfries, d. 16 JAN 1935, Newton Cottage, Moffat, Dumfries.  AGNES died 3 APR 1939, Moffat, Dumfries.
    5. i JAMES RUSSELL b. 22 NOV 1904.

Fifth Generation

5. JAMES RUSSELL, b. 22 NOV 1904, Newton Cottage, Moffat, Dumfried.  He married MARGARET NEWLANDS LINDSAY ELLIOT BROWN, 26 JUN 1936, in Moffat, DFS, b. 20 NOV 1911, Drumelzier, Peebles, (daughter of JAMES BROWN and MARGARET McMORRAN) d. 19 MAY 1975, Drumelzier, Peebles.
      i JOHN RUSSELL, b. 22 SEP 1939, Drumelzier, Peebles.

Thankyou to John Russell (deceased)(#5i) of Brisbane for much as this information.

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