The McMORRANS in Australia
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I could not find any McMorrans amongst the many convicts who were transported to Australia. I have come across some lone persons who cannot be traced further who may have died childless or who do not have any living descendents still bearing the McMorran name (of course some could have descendents whose surname has changed due to marriage). There have been quite a few McMorran emigrants to Australia (and New Zealand), not all of them propagating the surname, as in the instance of my own family where John McMorran, the only male family member that emigrated died not long after his arrival.  The other three female family members (including my grandmother) were sisters.

The shipping lists of immigrants who travelled to Victoria contain only some of the people found in the Victorian Pioneer index which lists births, marriages and deaths from 1837-1920 however using these two sources however a picture of the McMorran families who emigrated to Victoria can be established.

The earliest Victorian Pioneer index entry is the marriage of cousins Alexander McMorran (b. 1823, Co. Monaghan, Ireland) and Jane Anne McMorran (b. 1832, Co. Armagh, Ireland) in the gold rush town of Ballarat in 1853. Another cousin Alexander Duff (the son of Thomas Duff and Ann McMorran m. 15 JAN 1824, Eglish Parish, Co. Armagh) died aged 66 at Cranborne in 1891.

1. WILLIAM McMORRAN b. 1805, Artasooly, Co. Armagh, d. 31 JUL 1835, Co. Aarmagh, m. 27 Nov 1829, Eglish Parish, Armagh, JANE ARCHDALL b. 1804, d. 18 DEC 1873, Co. Armagh (daughter of G. ARCHDALL and JANE DAVIDSON).
    2. i. ELEANOR/ELINOR McMORRAN b. 17 OCT 1830, Eglish Parish, Co. Armagh.
    3. ii. ANN JANE McMORRAN b. 15 FEB 1832, bap. 18 FEB 1832, Eglish Parish, Co. Armagh.
    iii. ROBERT McMORRAN b. 14 MAY 1834, bap. 22 JUN 1834, Eglish Parish, Co. Armagh, m. CHRISTINE JOHNSON.
    iv. DAVISON McMORRAN b. 24 OCT 1835, bap. 13 DEC 1835, Eglish Parish, Co. Armagh, d. 18 JAN 1858, Co. Armagh.

Second Generation

2. ANN JANE McMORRAN bap. 18 FEB 1832, Eglish Parish, Co. Armagh, d. 1896, Cranborne, Victoria, m. 16 DEC 1853, Ballarat, Victoria, ALEXANDER McMORRAN bap. 1823, Co. Monaghan, d. 21 OCT 1911, Cranborne, VIC (son of JOHN McMORRAN and ELIZABETH McKAY). Emigrated from Ireland to the Ballarat goldfields in Victoria, Australia departing Liverpool 3 Nov 1852 aboard the "Athlone" and arriving in Melbourne 1853.

3. ELEANOR/ELINOR McMORRAN bap. OCT 1830, Eglish Parish, Co. Armagh, d. 24 JAN 1886, Ballarat, VIC, m. 23 MAR 1848, Armagh, WILLIAM TWYFORD d. 26 MAY 1874, Belfast, Ireland (son of THOMAS TWYFORD and MARTHA GIBSON). Eleanor left her husband in Ireland taking their four children with her. She followed her younger sister Jane and emigrated to the goldfields of Victoria, Australia aboard the "Commodore Perry" departing from Liverpool and arriving in Melbourne 8 Dec 1861. Elinor left her children in the care of her sister, never to see them again.

Andrew McMorran (b. 1830 in Glasgow) and probably the son of James McMorran and Jean Lorimer emigrated aboard the Morning Light and arrived in Victoria aged 26 in November 1857 however he died in 1865. His age at death was stated as 32 but would have been 34 or 35 by the shipping records.

A Jane McMorran (it is unknown whether this is her maiden or married surname) of Berwick, Scotland died in Victoria aged 42 in 1877.

Alexander McMorran (b. 1846) a native of Hawick in Roxburghshire, Scotland and the son of Peter McMorran, a wool spinner and Ann Sutherland emigrated to Melbourne arriving in January 1871 aboard the Essex.  He married Janet Laidlaw in the Baptist Church, Fitzroy in 1875 and they had two daughters, Elizabeth (b.1875) and Annie (b.1881 at Richmond) and a son Peter (b.1877).  The family are shown re-enterring Melbourne aboard the Norfolk in December 1879 so it is possible something necessitated a return home to Scotland. Alexander died an untimely early death at the age of 42 from a heart attack at South Yarra in 1888 leaving his wife to rear their children alone. Their son Peter Johnston McMorran became a wool classer and married Maria Robinson in Adelaide and they had two sons and two daughters who along with their various offspring account many of the McMorrans currently in Victoria. Annie married William Burrell in 1900.  (The family history is fully detailed on The McMORRANS of Roxburgh site).

Alexander McMorran aged 30 and Janet McMorran aged 23 with their children Elizabeth aged 4 and Peter aged 2 arrived in December 1879 aboard the Norfolk.

Henry (aged 38) and Elizabeth McMoran (aged 31) arrived in Melbourne in 1883 aboard the Chimborazo

John McMorran (b.c.1854) arrived in Melbourne in March 1884 aboard the Chimborazo.

John Roy and Mary McMorran had a son George Roy b. 1880 d. 1890 at Rochester and a daughter Bessie Spence Roy b. 1901 at Rochester.

W. A. McMorran aged 47 arrived June 1900 aboard the Oruba.

George McMorran aged 51 and Margaret McMorran aged 46 arrived September 1906 aboard the Mongolia.

J. McMorran aged 37 arrived October 1907 aboard the Orontes.

Mr. W. McMorran aged 25 arrived May 1907 aboard the Orient.

Annie Catherine McMorran (or ? McMorrow) b. Dunedin, NZ m. George Smith in 1908.

Mr. McMorran aged 49, Mrs McMorran aged 45 and Miss L. McMorran aged 14 arrived Aug 1912 aboard the Gneisenau.

Mr. McMorran aged 26 and Mrs. McMorran aged 25 arrived April 1913 aborad the Malwa.

Robert McMorran aged 38 and Sarah McMorran aged 40 arrived December 1914 aboard the Demosthenes.

Mrs. McMorran, aged 48, Miss McMorran aged 19 and Miss McMorran aged 10 arrived Feb 1918 aboard the Ormonde.

Adam Henry Muir McMorran, the son of Thomas McMorran and Margaret MacKenzie of Penninghame, Wigtown, and previously Minnigaff, Kirkcudbright emigrated to Victoria and died at Malvern in Melbourne in 1933.

SARAH FRANCES McMORRAN bap. 19 DEC 1831, Holy Trinity, Kingston Upon Hull, YKS, (daughter of RICHARD McMORRAN & SARAH CATHERINE FRITH), m. 1858, in Co. Antrim, Ireland, JAMES SMITH, b. 1834, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland.
      i JOHN OWENSE SMITH b. 1861, Avoca, VIC.
      ii SARAH SMITH b. 1863, Lexton, VIC.
      iii WILLIAM SMITH b. 1864, Lexton, VIC.
      iv CATHERINE SMITH b. 1866, Lexton, VIC, d. 1867, Lexton, VIC.
      v FRANCIS PATRICK SMITH b. 1868, Lexton, VIC, d. 1881, VIC.
      vi FANNY SMITH b. 1870, Lexton, VIC, d. 1883, VIC.
      vii THOMAS SMITH b. 1876, Inglewood, VIC.

     i JOHN MORRAN b. 1859, Heathcote, VIC.
     ii TERESA MORRAN b. 1863, Heathcote, VIC.
     iii WILLIAM MORRAN b. 1866, Heathcote, VIC.
     iv SELINA MORRAN b. 1870, Heathcote, VIC.
     v HUGH MORRAN b. 1872, Heathcote, VIC.

Christina F. McMorran
d. 1991, Ulverstone, Tasmania.
New South Wales
John McMorran
or MacMorran (son of William and Margaret McMorran) married Margaret (daughter of James and Julia Ellis) in Petersham in 1899. They had sons John McMorran (b. 1901), William Ellis McMorran (b. 1906) and James McMorran (b. 1907) all born in Marrickville. John died in Manly in 1935 and Margaret died there in 1944. James McMorran married Lillian G. Hansford in Burwood in 1926. Lillian remarried to Archibald Mitchell in Burwood in 1931. William married Ada Doretta Baker in Gunnedah in 1940. James married Esma Winifred Carmichael in Sydney in 1943.

George and Margaret McMorran, teachers from Scotland arrived in Sydney from London 18 Sep 1906 aboard the Mongolia.

Walter A. McMorran married Mabel G. Fitzgerald in Sydney in 1910.

Elizabeth Watson McMorran (born 10 July 1883, Edinburgh) emigrated to Sydney, Australia in 1912 aboard the Zealandic with her sister Alexandra (Nan) McMorran.  Another sister Catherine (Kate) McMorran had come out to join her husband John Scott in 1911 and an uncle named John McMorran had followed Kate in 1912, but died not that long afterwards in a Redfern boarding house. (refer to The McMORRANS of Crawfordjohn, Lanarkhsire)

Pauline McMorran married George W. Walker in Sydney in 1923.

James McMorran the son of William and Hanna McMorran died at Queanbeyan in 1927.

Norman Roy McMorran born 1868 in Ontario emigrated to Sydney from Canada with his wife Dorothy McCusker in 1924 and their only child Norma Dorothy McMorran was born in Sydney in 1925. Norman was the son of William Thomas McMorran and Ada Goodison. William was one of three children, his father later remarrying and having a further five children. William's forebears are said to have originated in Iona, Scotland having emigrated to Rich Hill, Co. Monahan, Ireland around the time of the Jacobite uprising. Norman was chief manager of Canadian Pacific Railway whose offices were in the Union House, 247 George St, Sydney. Norman and his wife returned to Canada frequently to visit their family who had settled in the British Columbia early in the 20th century. He died in Sydney in 1982. (thanks to Rex Arnott for sharing his personal acquaintance with Norman).

Alexander J. T. McMorran married Annie M. Mewall in North Sydney in 1930.

Robert McMorran married Margaret Snedden in Sydney in 1932.

Western Australia
Henry McMorran
, machinist and wife Elizabeth, Charles St, Perth (1901 & 1906 electoral rolls). Henry died in Perth in 1914. Elizabeth remained listed in Charles St (1916 & 1925 electoral rolls) and became a registered widwife (Supplement to the Government Gazette of Western Australia, 7 February 1913).

Thomas McMorran
emigrated from Douglas in Lanarkshire to Perth in 1910. In 1912 he married Agnes Condie, a native of Glasgow and they had seven children, although of these a son William died in infancy. Thomas was born in 1886, the son of William McMorran of Lamington, Lanarkshire and Agnes Brown Burton.  The full family tree is available on the McMORRANs of Western Australia site.

Jean MacMorran was born in Geraldton in 1906.
Molly MacMorran was born in Geraldton in 1908.

Mr. J. McMorran, a surgeon arrived in Fremantle from London 10 Oct 1907 aboard the Orontes.

Gertrude McMorran married George H. Green in Perth in 1908.

Mr. G. McMorran a 29 year old miner of Gomalling, WA arrived in Fremantle from London 13 Nov 1921 on the Orcades.

Henry McMorran
is listed in the electoral rolls as residing in Paddington from 1874-1879.

Mark and Ellen McMorran resided in Huessler Tce, Toowong in the 1903 electoral roll and Mark McMorran resided at Payne St, Torwood and Mrs. E. McMorran is listed at the same address with a store in the 1917 Queensland Post Office Directory. Mark McMorran son of Joseph McMorran and Susan Pepper died 6 July 1942 while Ellen McMorran daughter ofDavid Forrest and Jane Shirlow died 31 March 1933, presumably these being the same two aforesaid people.

William McMorran resided at 143 Shafston Ave, Kangaroo Point in the 1917 Queensland Post Office Directory. William McMorran son of William McMorran died 7 April 1941.

John Russell who lives in Stafford in Brisbane is the great-great grandson of Susanna McMorran who married David Henderson possibly at Crawfordjohn in Lanarkshire around 1830. John's ancestors who stem from Lanarkshire include a McMorran-McMorran marriage and through another line are related to Edward McMorran of Glespin estate in Crawfordjohn (refer to The McMORRANS of Wiston, Lanarkshire).

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