The McMORANs of Ireland

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These entries are from the Church of Latter Day Saint's International Genealogical Index.  It's coverage for Ireland is meager and scattered. I have included McMorran spellings as well as they are difficult to exclude as possible mis-spellings of McMoran.
Anne MC MORRAN  William MC MORRAN Jane C: 8 Jul 1798 Clones, Monaghan
Anne Jane MC MORAN  William MC MORAN Elizabeth ELLIOTT C: 12 Sep 1828 Clones, Monaghan
Anne Jane MC MORAN  William MC MORAN Jane C: 18 Feb 1832 Eglish Parish, Armagh
Davison MC MORAN  William MC MORAN Jane C: 13 Dec 1835 Eglish Parish, Armagh
Ellen MC MORAN  William MC MORAN Elizabeth ELLIOTT C: 12 Sep 1828 Clones, Monaghan
Eleanor MC MORAN  William MC MORAN Jane C: Oct 1830 Eglish Parish, Armagh
James MCMORRAN  William MCMORRAN Elen C: 30 Nov 1833 Newtownards Circuit, Down
Martha MC MORRAN  Robt MC MORRAN Martha C: May 1818 Eglish Parish, Armagh
Mary MC MORAN  Robt MC MORAN Mary C: 28 Sep 1816 Eglish Parish, Armagh
Mary MC MORRAN  Joseph MC MORRAN Mary CLOAS C: 13 Nov 1822 Carrickfergus, Antrim
Mary MCMORRAN  James MCMORRAN Eliza MCKEAG B: 27 Sep 1864 Comber, Down
Mary Eliza MCMORRAN  Henry MCMORRAN Eliza CLARK B: 1 May 1864 Comber, Down
Robert MC MORAN  William MC MORAN Jane C: 22 Jun 1834 Eglish Parish, Armagh
Samuel MCMORRAN Hugh MCMORRAN Selina AICKEN B: 5 Dec 1866 Comber, Down
Anne MC MORRAN Thomas DUFF   M: 15 Jan 1824 Eglish Parish, Armagh
Ann MCMORRAN James FRASER   M: 25 Dec 1845 Belfast, Antrim
George MC MORAN Sarah DONALDSON   M: 17 Mar 1869 Donagh, Monaghan
John MC MORRAN Elizabeth HOLMES   M: 14 Sep 1821 Eglish Parish, Armagh
Mary MCMORRAN William Delap WATT   M: 20 Aug 1863 Comber, Down
Sarah MC MORREN John BROWN   M: 13 Jul 1850 Newtown Ards, Down
Thomas MC MORRAN Ruth CARR   M: 29 Nov 1849 Tullylish, Down
William MC MORRAN Eliza PRINGLE   M: 11 Dec 1785 Downpatrick, Down
William MC MORAN Jane ARCHDALL   M: 27 Nov 1829 Eglish Parish, Armagh
William MC MORAN Margaret BLEAKLY   M: 12 Nov 1833 Clones, Monaghan
William MCMORRIN Margaret BLACKWOOD   M: 4 Mar 1846 Templecorran, Antrim

First Generation

1. ROBERT McMORAN b. Dumfries, Scotland, m. ELLEN DRAFFIN, b. Ireland.
    2. i DAVID McMORAN b. 1812.

Second Generation

2. DAVID McMORAN b. 1812, Talleymore, Armagh, Ireland, m. ANN GILMAN, b. 1818, Crossmaglen, Armagh, Ireland.
    3. i ROBERT GEORGE McMORAN b. 1838.
      ii JOHN McMORAN  2 FEB 1840, Eglish Parish, Armagh, Ireland.

Third Generation

3. ROBERT GEORGE McMORAN b. 1838, Dublin,  14 JUN 1838, Eglish Parish, Armagh, Ireland, m. 25 OCT 1866, MARY ARCHER, b. 1838, Manchester, England, d. 23 NOV 1924, buried: Sundance, Wyoming.  ROBERT buried: Sundance, Wyoming.
      i ANNA CECILIA McMORAN b. 8 JAN 1868, Greene, Chenango County, NY, m. WILLIAM HENRY MILLER, b. 16 DEC 1862, d. 30 OCT 1903.  ANNA died 1 APR 1951.
     ii FREDERICK ARCHER McMORAN  b. 22 SEP 1869, Greene, Chenango County, NY, m. LILLA ADELIA RANDALL, b. 21 DEC 1866, Blewheim Ontario, Canada, d. 26 DEC 1956. FREDERICK died 8 NOV 1943.
      iii DAVID GILMORE McMORAN b. 20 APR 1873, Greene, Chenango County, NY, m. 8 OCT 1901, in Crook, Wyoming, MARY ELLEN ROARK, b. 9 MAR 1881, Des Moines, Iowa, d. 16 ARP 1950.  DAVID died 28 AUG 1934.
     iv WALTER EUGENE McMORAN b. 10 SEP 1875, Cazenovia, Madison County, NY, m. 15 OCT 1901, in Weston, Wyoming, KATE SCOFIELD, b. 26 JUN 1883, Little Sioux, Harrison County, Iowa.  WALTER died 10 FEB 1953, Denver, CO.
      v WILLIAM JAMES McMORAN b. 14 DEC 1877, Cazenovia, Madison County, NY, m. ALICE HENDERSON, b. 30 AUG 1880, Postville, Iowa.  WILLIAM died 13 JUN 1943..

Thanks to Bill Parsons for the above info.  Bill is the grandson of 3(iv).  A further generation of this family can be found on The McMORANs of the USA website.

b. 1805, Artasooly, Co. Armagh, d. 31 JUL 1835, Co. Aarmagh, m. 27 Nov 1829, Eglish Parish, Armagh, JANE ARCHDALL b. 1804, d. 18 DEC 1873, Co. Armagh (daughter of G. ARCHDALL and JANE DAVIDSON).
2. i. ELEANOR/ELINOR McMORRAN b. 17 OCT 1830, Eglish Parish, Co. Armagh.
3. ii. ANN JANE McMORRAN b. 15 FEB 1832, bap. 18 FEB 1832, Eglish Parish, Co. Armagh.
iii. ROBERT McMORRAN b. 14 MAY 1834, bap. 22 JUN 1834, Eglish Parish, Co. Armagh, m. CHRISTINE JOHNSON.
iv. DAVISON McMORRAN b. 24 OCT 1835, bap. 13 DEC 1835, Eglish Parish, Co. Armagh, d. 18 JAN 1858, Co. Armagh.

Second Generation

2. ANN JANE McMORRAN bap. 18 FEB 1832, Eglish Parish, Co. Armagh, d. 1896, Cranborne, Victoria, m. 16 DEC 1853, Ballarat, Victoria, ALEXANDER McMORRAN bap. 1823, Co. Monaghan, d. 21 OCT 1911, Cranborne, VIC (son of JOHN McMORRAN and ELIZABETH McKAY). Emigrated from Ireland to the Ballarat goldfields in Victoria, Australia departing Liverpool 3 Nov 1852 aboard the "Athlone" and arriving in Melbourne 1853.

3. ELEANOR/ELINOR McMORRAN bap. OCT 1830, Eglish Parish, Co. Armagh, d. 24 JAN 1886, Ballarat, VIC, m. 23 MAR 1848, Armagh, WILLIAM TWYFORD d. 26 MAY 1874, Belfast, Ireland (son of THOMAS TWYFORD and MARTHA GIBSON). Eleanor left her husband in Ireland taking their four children with her. She followed her younger sister Jane and emigrated to the goldfields of Victoria, Australia aboard the "Commodore Perry" departing from Liverpool and arriving in Melbourne 8 Dec 1861. Elinor left her children in the care of her sister, never to see them again.

The above family is undoubtedly connected with the other McMorans/McMorrans of the Eglish region listed in the table below. Bryan Twyford (who kindly supplied some of the information here and welcomes correspondence on the family) states "The McMorrans most likely came to this region of Ireland in the Ulster Plantation during the 17th century." In the early 17th century 1000 acre tracts of land were each granted around Armagh to Sir Claud Hamilton of Creichness and Henry Acheson of Gosford, Haddingtonshire whose brother Sir Archebald Acheson was Secretary of State for Scotland. Henry Acheson purchased a further 2000 acres from Sir James Douglas in 1611. Archibald built Gosford Castle in 1617 at Cloncarney on the Douglas lands which had passed to him. He married, first, Agnes Vernor of Edinburgh, and second, Margaret, daughter and heiress of the Hon. Sir John Hamilton, second son of Claud, 1st Lord Paisley. The Hearth rolls of 1669 show the McMorrans owned at least two small holdings (usually of around 30 acres) near the boundaries of the Acheson estate.

First Generation

WILLIAM McMORAN b.c. 1814, m. CATHERINE b.c. 1834.
    i GEORGE McMORAN b. at Sea.
    ii JAMES McMORAN b.c. 1845.
    iii JOHN McMORAN b.c. 1842.
    iv WILLIAM McMORAN b.c. 1844.

Family emigrated from Belfast to New York aboard the "Philah" arriving  21 July 1848.

First Generation

   1.  i. WILLIAM MALCOLM ORR MURRAY b. 1831, East Kilbride, Scotland.

Second Generation

1. WILLIAM MALCOLM ORR MURRAY b. 1831, East Kilbride, Scotland, m. 1853, Newtownards, Ireland, SARAH SCOTT b. 1832, Ballereen, Co. Down, d. 16 JUL 1916, Pine Creek, QLD. William d. 13 DEC 1906, Canungra, QLD.

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