Indigenous Science Network

November 1998

During the last couple of weeks I've come across several web links that you might want to look at yourselves.

There's been an online colloquium in environmental education which has been hosted by Environment Canada. A couple of the recent papers that have been posted there have implications for indigenous science.

"The past didn't go anywhere: A rationale for temporal equity in environmental education" has two Indigenous American authors and looks at sacred teachings and understanding in environmental education. It is located at

The second article is "Environmental education and academic border crossings: Addressing (educational) imperialism in Aotearoa New Zealand". It is located at

The site for accessing the online colloquium is

The other link you might be interested in following is the Alaska Native Knowledge Network at

This is a well-organised link and has some information that may be of value to some of you. It includes the Alaska Rural Systemic Initiative, and one of the co-directors is Oscar Kawgaley, an Indigenous science educator who also has a PhD. One of the links on this website is to their newsletter, Sharing our Pathways, and the November issue is already there. You can read it directly or download it if you have Adobe Reader software. Kawagley has an article (first part, actually) in it, called "An alliance between humans and creatures".

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