Indigenous Science Network

August 1999

The following new publications which may be of interest have come to my notice.

Coburn, W W, Gibson, A T, & Underwood, S A. (1999). Conceptualizations of nature: An interpretive study of 16 ninth graders' everyday thinking. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 36(5), 541-564.

Tobin, K, Seiler, G, & Smith, M W. (1999). Educating science teachers for the sociocultural diversity of urban schools. Research in Science Education, 29(1), 69-88.

Williams, G. (1999). Science, resource management and Indigenous people: Potential signposts from education in northern Australia. Australian Biologist, 12(1), 23-27.

Slightly older, but a useful critique of standards and the invisiblity of ethnic minorities and Indigenous/First Nation learners:

Rodriguez, A J. (1997). The dangerous discourse of invisibility: A critique of the National Research Council's national science education standards. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 34(1), 19-37.

A number of people on the network have their own websites, where you can look at their past papers and sometimes work in progress. If you would like to share your website with other people on the network, please email Michael Michie and let me know the link details.

Glen Aikenhead's website:

Michael Michie's website:

Archiving the Network

I've been working on the premise that there's lots of useful material gone onto these pages, and with more people getting into the network, it would be useful to have it backed up into an archive. So, I have. It's also available through my website at

I've made it available in two forms, in separate bulletins (note new jargon creeping in) and also as a single archive for easier downloading and printing. I'm not too sure whether I've actually got all the bulletins. I think one or two from earlier this year have gone astray. If you have a copy of something that's missing, let me know.

If you check my website, you will notice that I have gone through changed circumstances. I took early retirement from the Northern Territory Department of Education about a month ago, and I'm setting up as a consultant, located here in Darwin. I'm hoping to continue working in the area of Indigenous science education (and keeping the network going).

Michael Michie

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