CD/DVD/CD ROM GRADES: these are usually visual grades only.

CD's which are pretty much as new will be M-
[Mint grade is rarely used except on sealed CD's]

or EX+ if the slightest scuff shows up under the light. EX+ is near new.

CD's with any kind of light scuff or very light marks, even if it's an odd one here and there will be EX
EX is very clean - with only the slightest scuffs or storage wear.

CD's with some odd minor scuffs and/or some odd light marks will be EX-

Any CD's with obvious noticeable marks will be in the VG- to VG+ range.

If a CD has anykind a significant scratch - I'll play it to check it on my system. (However - I can't
be sure that my computer system will be the same as your CD player/computer.)


In recent years I have been using the British grading system which includes an 'EX' grade. American collectors please note that EX usually equates to a Goldmine VG++ and that my VG+ may be a bit lower than the Goldmine equivalent. I have always had a good reputation for grading and usually get it right. I grade under a strong light, and most clean records tend to grade out at EX or EX+. Anyway, if you're not happy with my grading, tell me. I'm happy to refund if you have a genuine complaint. However, don't expect a near mint record if I've graded it F, G or VG...

Records are graded for the most part visually only, although most of the lower grades are also play checked, and in many cases play better than they look. The following gradings are used:

M Mint condition. This means unplayed, with no marks on playing surface and label is as new. Older records are very rare in this condition and it is a grading I rarely use.

M- Either unplayed, with minimum of scuffs caused by paper sleeve , or played once or twice only and still as new.

EX Record played carefully, very clean surface, minimum scuffing.

VG Very good condition. A record with scuffing or signs of groove wear but no bad scratches.

G Good. A well played record with plenty of scuffs and groove wear.

F Fair. Record playable but heavily scuffed with a lot of surface noise.

NOTE: An EX record/CD should be EX (not VG or VG+).

Ringwear, stickers and writing on cover/sleeve will be noted.

I am careful with grades, and while I sometimes might make a genuine mistake I know the difference
between an EX disc and a VG+ disc. Grading and condition is important with CDs and VINYL and hopefully
my grades are on or very close to the mark. All discs graded under strong light.