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Dear Mark,

I saw your posting in the misc.healt.alt news group. I'm a semi serious student of Iridology, with more than a passing interest in herbs and what-not. Before I offer my opinion of what your eyes show, I'd like to say a few things first about Iridology in general. I'm sure you are aware of the fact that conventional medicine has it's ways of going about things. They/it is heavily biased towards putting a label on complex bodily issues. This makes people feel better because it implies that the M.D. has identified the enemy. Provides the patient with the sense that their is now an identified target. The problem is that they tend to be rather myopic about the macro picture. An analogy would be, like detecting a pot that is boiling over, and instead of addressing the cause (which would be excess heat), they clamp a lid on tight. This appears to solve the problem quickly, the steam goes away, until the pot blows up from excess pressure. Anyway, the relevant point here is that they NAME syndromes. They have a language. Just because you are eating an apple in the usa and a french dude comes up and calls the apple a "whatever", does not mean that he does not have an innate understanding of what you are eating. This is frequently the case with respect to the conventional and alt med communities disagreeing, it's just that they communicate differently. And the alt med guy, may even have a deeper understanding of what is the underlying cause of the problems without actually naming the disease. So, it's possible that some of these Iridology exams may have actually been identifying the underlying cause of your problems without you even knowing it. With a program of constitutional herbology targeting the systems that appear to be malfunctioning, you may see a net improvement far in excess of the "named disease+drugs" paradigm, without ever even uttering the name of a single disorder. Just a possibility.

Ok, now, with respect to your individual eyes, you have some very prominent signs. It is without question that what I'm about to say has been said to you before, but I'm really curious nonetheless, so here goes.

The areas that show distinct problems are the kidney/adrenal urinary tract/prostate areas and your reproductive system areas. You also have a lot of acidity in your tissues. If I were treating you, I would firstly get a much better look at your eyes, the repro's suck. Now, I don't know exactly what bothering you physically, but I guarantee that these systems are involved. Before I tell you how I would treat you , I will play a guessing game as to what symptoms may be troubling you. BUT, before I do, I'll say that that is not how Iridology is supposed to be used. It's supposed to be used in conjunction with an in depth consultation with the patient, then, all things are taken into consideration to guide treatment, after all, results are what count right???

But anyway, I would say that you have a problem with the adrenal system. This can have a cause effect relationship with stress, sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system imbalance (emotional or organic), also (probably more important here is water balance in the tissues and urinary). Anyway this I would guess is affecting your kidneys and then prostate. Your testicles and repro system seem to be suffering too, I hope not some type of prostate or testicular cancer. I also feel that you are experiencing some sort of kidney related problems like uric acid build up, gouty stuff? Arthritis??? (adrenals are also calcium balance). I'll bet you drink too much coffee.

I would treat you, with the help of consultation, with a series of herbal formulae, targeted at the above mentioned systems. This combined with specific homeopathic remedies, bach flower rems to address any emotional disturbances + vitamins minerals. Then one would look at your diet which needs improvement or you would not be having the problems you are having. You seem like a sensible guy so I'm sure you have made improvements in your diet.

Well, I did the best I could, would you please do me a favor and get back to me and let me know if I was close? I would really appreciate it. I hope whatever your condition is, that it is improving with the help of wise people.

Take good care



Mark, I was wondering if I could add another speculation. The dark spot in your left eye, it is unclear to me as to whether it is within the autonomic nerve wreath or not. If it is within, it could indicate a rather serious problem with the lower colon, sigmoid possibly.

Mark again.