Here is the reply from John Voss (

From Up-above to Down-under.

Although I am retired and live in the South of France, coming from Holland. I looked at your eyes and they are beautiful. For a real complete diagnoses I also need to see the face and a larger photo to go into details, but from what I can see and I sure hope I am right you have problems with the digestion of FAT. In fact you either should not eat fat or maybe you do not even like it. Just like one of your parents, I do not know which one, but the one with the arthritis. He or she has the same color eyes as you have. I see some problems in you neck-area and you have so to see a weak right kidney.

That is as far as the diagnosing part goes, but let me warn you. Stay away from all kinds of FAT, especially PORK, for most certainly one day soon you will be having arthritis. I could tell you much more but then you will have to complete a questionair I have made, so I get to know more about you.

Take care and let me know if I failed the test. Nice pages you have. Mine are just plain info. See: JOHN M.VOS.