I set out down the lake, in very pleasant weather. I have a web page where I feature pictures of golf courses, and I thought there was one nearby, but I didn't reach it. I gave up at 31st Street, and crossed back to the city.

I took this shot of a square because I liked it.

At the Hyatt we had found crowds of attendees of another convention crowding out the bar, when we thought we might nget it to ourselves. They were also down by the lake, in a large hall, and at this convention center. (I also have a 17mm shot of this still in my camera, where it may be for some time.)

This is a shot of the railway, with the city in the background.

After a while I started to feel lost, so I looked for a vantage point from where I might look around. Ah, there's one!

And there is my hotel...

This was, of course, the Sears Tower, and what surprised me most was how much higher it was than anything else around! We were looking down on everything.