My Verse.

I used to write a lot of verse. Originally I tried some serious verse, but I decided I liked light verse most, and concentrated on that.

Here are some categories:

Burlesques. These are sometimes called parodies, but they are an original poem twisted to make a different subject.

Poems about teaching.

Poems about tennis.

Poems referring to comics.

A poem about photography.

A poem about golf. (Actually one of the others is about golf, too. But it's a surprise ending.)

Some poems have no category. they are just (I hope) nonsense.

There is A Rational Argument, The Quest for the Crumbly Bird,one about the fairies in my garden, some limericks, a rock song, and a (not so good) one about Burglar Bob.

Here are two sonnets. I used to enjoy writing in this form, and wrote many. Here is another, which I am fond of.

This is about the unwelcome approach of a vampire, and this one has become dated by modern supermarket technology.

I used to attempt more serious poetry, and I may add some of them later.

Just to see if anyone has found me..