Because this cruise had excursions every day but two, the Trek events were mostly on those two days, or after the day tours on other occasions.

We were welcomed as usual with a cocktail party, at which the actors were introduced. It was even less formal than usual this time.

John de Lancie chats, above. There was a dealers' room, which was opened twice during the cruise.

As this involved taking over one of the (many) lounges, it was somewhat restricted. I bought a wall clock, so they sold something!

There was a "Survivor" competition. The first round was over so quickly I missed it by staying too long at Royal Dutch Tea in the dining room.

These are the questions for one round, not the competitors.

There was a Trek Trivia contest, where the nerds had their chance to shine:

This particular game, like many, was designed to run on Debra Stillwell's computer, and the buttons took a pounding.

There was an improvisational workshop, with Diane Hardin. I'm not going to try to explain what is going on, but I enjoyed it.

There were also Family Feud, and the photo shoots, but let's take another page for them!