The site was spctacular. There were some ruins excavated, and others still under mounds of earth. If they are left alone, the jungle quickly buries them. Some slow walkers held us up, but we saw a lot. The Mayans did not discover the wheel, though they used rollers, and did not have metals. New buildings were built on top of old ones (which were therefore solid, with no cavities). I saw two different toucans and spider monkeys. It was very hot at some times but not others. Eric and Debra Stillwell, Cecily, and George were on the trip.

George and Cecily looking at the model of Tikal.

Cecily and Bruce in the big "courtyard" It was quite hot at this time.

Michele. The structures are solid. each generation built on the building of the last lot, so they are layered like onions.

This bit our group did not reach, because of our slower walkers, but I took a picture. It was far away and high.

Since I have eleven pictures of Tikal, let's take a leap to five of them...
After lunch we drove back to the airport, and got in our plane. But one of the four motors would not start.

Some were much upset to find we would be going back in three small planes - after dark. And we had found out that the runway at "home" had no lights!

We waited over an hour. After the first group went out they said there was one more seat, so I went out. This was an exaggeration, as the man next to me was enormous, and I was squeezed. As we flew it was dark, and lightning was flashing below us (and we all knew there was a big volcano out there somewhere).
I was not really worried. I knew the pilots probably flew in these conditions often. But I was having trouble breathing in the low air pressure. I refrained from pointing it out, and only one of my table companions noticed, but he was having too much trouble with his eardrums bursting to be concerned with me.
When we got back the runway was lit with burning oil in coconut shells, and we landed safely. Eric posed for pictures kissing the ground. At dinner another of our table told of her trip to the ruins at Copan. They had waited and waited for conditions to improve, but finally had to fly back. They flew so high to go over the lightning storms that all the passengers were gasping for breath, and she too had trouble with her eardrums for the rest of the cruise.