I bought myself an underwater disposable camera for the trip, and tried snorkeling three times.

The first time was at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The others you will have to click further for!

We snorkeled in some deep murky water, but there were plenty of fish. My thirty-year-old mask band snapped instantly, so I had to use one of theirs.

That's the mask which snapped immediately.

Those two pictures were from Bruce Thompson's digital camera. He took about 6 Gigabytes, which he may send, but which will not all appear here.

We snorkeled on the other side of those rocks. I'll spare you the not very good fish pictures.

Then we went to a beach, Las Animas, and swam pleasantly for an hour.

The water was very pleasant. It got about three feet deep, then stayed that way a while. Another picture of me and Joanne, care of Bruce:

We stopped for lunch at a beautiful spot, where this was snapped:

This is me, but taken on the disposable camera.

Two more shots, the first a shot of the ship that took us there, and a shot from Bruse of me with a butterfly which let me pick it up (Boy, the colour changes when you look from adifferent angle...):