Our second trip was at Zihuatanejo, still Mexico.

This was a sail on a trimaran, quite pleasant -

Unfortunately, my snorkeling was not too successful. We snorkeled in a bay, and had a path up to the beach, but we had to wear lifejackets. This meant we were somewhat at the mercy of wind and wave. Whenever I drifted close to coral - nasty spiny things, but also fish! - I was gently hustled away. When I went to the beach my mask fell apart! I couldn't fix it, so one of the crew did, and it just got me back aboard! Bruce's also disintegrated just as he got back.

Then we sailed back under sail.

My last snorkeling trip was "Beginning snorkeling" at Huatulco, after Acapulco. The township, what there was of it restored a mildly positive opinion of Mexico.

Here Brent, Joanne and I stand on the beach. Some still swim.

This was the best snorkeling, but not entirely successful. We were allowed to not wear lifejackets, so neither Joanne nor myself did. This turned out to be a mistake for me, as the water was quite deep, and I ran out of puff, and had to return early. I didn't clean my mask properly, and couldn't see much, but my underwater pictures showed the water was quite clear. (They didn't show much else, so I'll spare you them.)

A view from the boat as we came in. By Brent, as are all on this page.