The club was begun by the CYMS (Catholic Young Men's Society) in about 1935. My father was president of the CYMS, so he became first president of the tennis club. My mother was also a member.

This is dad, Fred McArdle, during the war a few years later:

The picture is a bit dirty, but I don't like to risk trying to clean a fifty-year-old slide.

Since I was not born at the time, I have no pictures of the club in those days, so back to the 1950s.

My brother, also Fred, serving.

Bill Ward, who still plays at the Club. Bill was at one time club champion. This is a 3D picture taken with a beam-splitter which went on the front of the lens. You try to look at one picture with each eye. Here is another with David Murphy.

I have dozens more such slides, which I have not looked at in many years. Probably not many at tennis.

Bill Favier, if memory persists.

Les Johnson, in the -er - clubhouse.

Well, why not a few shots in the clubhouse?