Sacred Heart Tennis Club, Kew.

A personal view,

by Edward McArdle.

This was the first club I joined, back in 1951. You had to be fourteen to play, so on my birthday my uncle Sandy (Alec Mason) took me along.

I have a lot of photos from the time, until I left about 1960 to join a club in Ivanhoe, now closed down.

The courts are at the corner of Glenferrie Rd and Cotham Rd, Kew, behind the Sacred Heart church and school. I went to the school, which has expanded greatly since.

I came back to Kew because it has a lot of social tennis, something a lot of clubs seem to be missing. Regular groups play Tuesday mornings, Thursday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Well, largely the same group!


You can contact us on this address

Junior teams play Sunday mornings. One lot starts at 8.30am, another at 10.30am.

In the junior season which finished at the end of term 3 our second boys' team won. In section one we had had a team which won, so we responded by breaking it in to two teams (give the others a chance, you know.) The result was that they only came second that season. They are now (Nov 2011) in the midst of the next season.

Recently we had a member, Peter Robertson, turn 80, so some of us went to his party:

If I haven't changed these photograohs by 2015, please harangue me.

I have had a page of photos of the extinct clubhouse for a while, but I'll leave them a little longer.

The Restrictions....

At the moment we can water courts to our hearts' content, but this may not last.


Coaching is available.

This is the courts seen from the school yard (some time ago!). The grounds beside them are an oval for the school.

From the courts, the church rises above the school, which rises above the clubhouse.

If you want to write to the club, the address is:

The Secretary

P O Box 78

Kew 3101

(For which anyone outside Australia would have to add: Australia.)