Santorini is an old volcano, which erupted three to four thousand years ago, and wiped out some civilisations, including the Minoans.

There is still a volcano in the centre, and the townships are high on the cliffs around the caldera.

The island goes back beyond the cliffs for some way, and there is a high point to which we were taken for a quick photo. It was not particularly easy to take, as panoramas are difficult to capture on film. We also stopped at a winery for a tasting.

We were taken by tender to a dock, and driven in large buses up a winding hairpin road. The other way is from a different spot, up a winding path by foot or donkey, or by cablecar.

The white at the top of the cliffs is not snow. (It was very hot, as usual). It is the township of Oia. this view is in the crater.

This shows the winding path. The cable car is too far away to be visible.

And this is the Lido deck with Santorini in the background, as we leave.

While this is an interesting place to see, I don't know that there would be a lot to do there. The countryside, like all of Greece that we saw, is pretty much stony ground. Apparently this is what makes it good for wine growing. There is very little water.