First, the Convention Center itself:

Everyone was able to enjoy a life-threatening dash across in front of the light rail trams as they left. The center is huge, but hidden from view somewhat by the hotel being built at laft, and the library at right.

The Fairmont Hotel, with a little park in front. An Australian group (Waifs?) were performing on Friday, and there were always people around for the Labor Day celebrations.

Inside the Fairmont the beautiful foyer was generally full of conversing or dozing fans.

Many of the Conventioneers ate at Peggy Sue's, in the street opposite the Fairmont, in spite of lots of food being available at the fair outside over the weekend.

And the Fairmont in the background once again. The Convention Center is a block to the right.

This is the street behind the Fairmont. The bus travels down this side, and the light rail down the other.

And a street further on, the traffic runs the other way.