I had an interest in Rothenburg before I got there. My sister lived here three months as an exchange student with the Goethe Institute about thirty years ago, so I went wild with the digital camera. She would have a browse through, and then we could erase them, at no expense. So I have about forty pictures of the place. These are a random selection. I think this is a very beautiful town.

Some forms of transport.

The Night watchman does a short tour of the town twice a night, in English and then German. He gives an entertaining history of the town, and one is expected to give him six marks afterwards. this was included in our tour, so Roy paid it.

Rothenburg lived in strength for many years until mobile cannons were invented, then they were wiped out. Four years later the plague killed half the survivors. The town remained so poor that they were not able, like most places, to scavenge their old buildings and battlements for new houses, so the place remained pretty well unscathed, until a couple of bombs did some damage during World War II.