One of the traditions on these cruises is that all the Trek passengers are photographed with the group of actors, and there is a group picture.

On the Alaska cruise in 1998 this took all afternoon. I think there were about 600 of us. But this year there were only about 113, and it was quick.

Here is the lineup:

A number of people missed it for some reason, and there were a number of quick assemblages of the cast, and photos taken in all sorts of places! (Very accommodating of the actors, in my opinion!)

Here am I:

The group photo was supposed to have been taken straight away on the bow of the ship, but the Captain told us that if we went out on the bow that day (we were sailing) they would be picking Trekkers out of the sea for miles behind, as the wind was strong, so the group shot was left for Dubrovnik, just before sailing.

The only drawback to this was that the bow of the ship was surprisingly hard to find! (I know, it's at the front.) This maze may have been designed to stop de Caprio emulators from being blown away in the wind, but it may have made it impossible for some to find the picture area. Or, we may all be there. It was also roasting hot, so we dashed out of the shade for the picture, and then fled. Except for some who were having their little group picture done.

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