The Phantom of the Store


There are those who call me phantom,

others call me worse.

Some speak of me with a whispered prayer,

and others with a curse.

I am the one who is always there.

I do not wear a distinctive jacket.

Like a normal man I stroll the store

changing the price on every packet.


You wander twice around the store,

you ponder and compare;

and find that things cost slightly more

since first you passed by there.

And though you stop and hide and stare,

and every suspect scan,

I change the numbers by the score

on every box and can.


The hangman is not loved by all,

and yet he does his duty.

Some rise because of Justice' call,

some do it for the booty.

Some have a guilty mind to slake,

others desire to wipe out vice;

some do it for enjoyment's sake

- and so I change the price.


There is a girl I used to know,

I see her in the store.

I loved, but she told me where to go.

Silently I adore.

For each man robs the one he loves,

yet she returns again.

The pimp he does it with his fists,

I do it with my pen.