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I am a retired schoolteacher.

The schools I taught at were
Coburg Technical School (1958 - 1964), finally pulled down in 2001, but derelict before that for years.
Heidelberg Technical School (1965 - 1967) (Now extinct).
Kingsbury Technical School (1968 - 1976) (Now a paddock!)
Lalor Technical School (1977 - 1990) (Now Peter Lalor Secondary College). It is to close at the end of 2010 - well, merge.

Our dog is featured on a blog, which you can click here.

I have discovered a couple of links on this page did not work (one must never have worked!). I have fixed them, but would be interested to hear of others.

And I once went to school myself at Sacred Heart, Kew, and St Patrick's College, East Melbourne.

In January I went to the Australian Open Tennis. I forgot to put a link.

A recent foray was to the World Science fiction convention (Torcon 3) in Toronto in 2003. Previously there were the World Science Fiction convention in Chicago. Then The Millenium Philcon, the 2001 World science Fiction Convention in Philadelphia, and then in 2002 at San Jose for Con Jose.

I went on a holiday in the Kimberley in August 2004.

More recently I had three weeks in Hawaii.

My main sports are tennis and golf.

I enjoy reading and writing, and haunt a few newsgroups, mainly comics and Star Trek related. I am a member of Austrek.

I recently took up an interest in stereo photography again. A few photographs of school life lie therein.

In June 2000 I went on a walking tour of Europe, after the cruise mentioned below.

In June 1998 I went on a cruise with actors from Star Trek and Babylon 5. I enjoyed it very much. In 1999 I did another such cruise, from Los Angeles through the Panama canal to Fort Lauderdale. I had nine days in Orlando, and in 2000 I went to the Mediterranean. Then in 2001 I went to the other end of the Mediterranean. I gave 2002 a miss, as it was Alaska again, and in 2003 I went to Hawaii. Then, in 2005 to the Baltic Sea, and in 2006 from Montreal to Boston. In 2007 I was tempted to travel again because it was at home. We went from Sydney to Melbourne, Burnie and then New Zealand.


I enjoy making up puzzles. For an example of a crostic puzzle...

I had a hobby finding factors of numbers of the form 11111111111111111111..., which is of interest to surprisingly few people! I have recently given it up, as it was pointed out that supercomputers can now run off my years of research in seconds <sob>.

I used to write light verse occasionally but now spend too much time on the Internet.

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