In La Poutrie we had to split into two hotels, because there was a holiday weekend. While we were there walkers on a Paris to Colmar trek went through. There were festivities in the street. The meal here was possibly the best for the trip.

These two shots are from the Musee eau de vie, which was basically a shop for liqueurs, etc., but very nice - as were the eaux de vie.

Here we set out on our walk. Our luggage was driven separately. The weather turned out much foggier than it seemed here, but that was of course because as usual we started off by going up and up!

I have no idea which walk this was, but we found plenty of cherry trees to sustain us. I'm puzzled how light leaked onto the film, as it was a disposable camera again.

(I had bought a couple of disposables after losing my camera, before deciding to buy another. But they were much lighter on a long walk!)