In Kusadasi, we were taken on a tour of three ancient cities. Passengers were whingeing about not seeing Ephesus, but it wasn't on our schedule! They were on the wrong tour.

The first was Priene, which was high on a hill. I took a lot of photos.

This was the local amphitheatre.

And some pillars left lying about. There may be some attempt to record them all on computer and try to put them togeher again, but I figure they look pretty impressive like this. Earthquakes brought them down.

We went on to Didyma, which was just a temple, but an impressive one.

Here we see some of the local juvenile delinquents running about on the walls:

(Just joking. They are from my table on the ship.)

We stopped here for a dinner, where food and drink was pressed upon us in quantity. The ruins were in the background, though they are not too visible in this picture because of the light.

This page is getting a bit photo-heavy, so let's split off onto another.