I have some fond memories of the Family Feud, because for the second time I was on the winnning team. The first time I won a script of the first Voyager episode, this time $25 towards a future Trek Cruise!

I also learned a little American terminology. When I was at the pyramids Bruce Thompson asked me to take a picture of him on a camel, ans was disappointed when I took only one. I asked Richard Gosciminski, with whom I was sharing a room, to take my picture, and he took 12.

Here I am, ready to hit that buzzer!

Another contest was Who wants to be a Latinumaire? I have even fonder memories of this. I managed to get a good score and lead the field. Then Debra and Eric ran out of "easier" questions, and the contestants following got what I thought were incredibly difficult questions, so that I ended up equal first, and won a further $250 towards a future trip!

Here Keegan de Lancie proves not to be omniscient, and may be invited to leave the Q continuum.

This is an audience shot, I think from the auction. John de Lancie is at the back, and Barbara Moore (wife of Ron B) is at the front.

Another event was the costume contest. Probably because everyone was so far from home, not many entries appeared, but fun was had by all.

There was also the photo shoot.