When I got home, and before, I had quite a sore back (still have if I sit a while). I put it down to uncomfortable beds. But when I read my diary, I fell in the tender, threw myself on the floor at the disco, and I danced for over an hour four or five times. So...

The occasion I took my camera was the second last night. Cecily Adams was there, and we all karaoked, me for the first time! Cecily and Jonathan turned up on the last night, and I went off for my camera, but they had sensibly retired for the night before the strenuous travel home day. These are a mixture from those two nights.

Some of the ragers:

David Morse, who tried to pretend he was still awake all the time!

This graceful picture shows me and Cecily posed in a dip while Bruce tries to work out how to use a real camera.

A more dignified shot of me dancing with Cecily, taken by Brent.

Me singing karaoke, also by Brent:

I don't look terrified.

Looking more professional, Bob and the Bobettes:

The dancers at left are Cecily, Linda and Valerie.

And a big supporting group for Linda.