My visit to Disneyworld.

In October 1999 I went on a cruise, and decided I needed to rest before going home to Australia.

I took 9 or 10 days in the Ramada Hotel with a long name.

I liked the hotel very much. This is my room, with a swimming pool outside:

I was up on the second floor, and during the nine and a half days kept seeing English visitors swimming. They seemed to have one day in the pool, one touring the parks. I had a try in the pool, and it was too warm for me! There was another pool further down which they assured me was freezing, so it may have been just right. The weather was quite cool overall.

My difficulty was that I had taken the cheaper hotel option, so I didn't use the Disneyland hotels. Each morning a bus would leave at 8.45, and another at 10.15, taking us down to Epcot Center. From Epcot I could go where I liked on the free Disney transport system. What I couldn't do was go back to my hotel before 5.45pm. There were also buses at 8.15 and 10pm, from memory. This meant I was usually very tired at the end of the day.

But this page is not meant to be my holiday diary, so I'll spare you my sniffles, sore back, etc., and give some opinions on the theme parks.

On my first day my brain was still in neutral, so I misread the timetable, and caught the bus to Universal Studios at 9am. This wasn't covered by my 7-day pass, but I wanted a look anyway.

I very much enjoyed my day there. All the publicly accessible studio parks are probably similar. Until I looked at my brochures to revive my memory for this writing, I had thought some of the features at one park were at the other. I kept dropping in at MGM studios to look for the Alfred Hitchcock show, which I now discover was at Universal, and I remembered the Beetlejuice revue as being at MGM when it was also at Universal.

Not a great shot, I'm afraid, but an entertaining show.

In all the parks there were events which were too scary for preschool children, and there were often children screaming in fear. Legitimately, perhaps, on being taken into the Haunted House in the Magic Kingdom, but also in shows such as the Little Mermaid. In general, shows seem to be aimed at the totally deaf. On the other hand, there were little ones not remotely near This Tall who were loving the roller coasters.

This is a roller coaster in Universal, in the Woody Woodpecker area:

This area seemed to me to be better able to entertain really young children better than most of Disney.

In Curious George's area, there was a sign saying,if you want to avoid getting wet, follow these footprints. The prints immediately went up a wall. And following them was about the only way to stay dry!

That's the sign next to the people on the left. There was also an area where people could fire soft balls around, or drop them on themselves:

This last shot is just the lake where stuntmen performed later:

Universal also had my pick for the best show of all, the Terminator 2 3D show.

This was also my introduction to the idea that every time one dons 3D glasses in a theme park, one gets wet. Sometimes prodded or shocked, but always sprayed!

This page is getting a bit big,so let's consider Epcot, MGM studios, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Oops! Except that I didn't take any pictures in the Magic Kingdom. I enjoyed it very much - in fact I think it's better than the Disneyland in Anaheim, but I didn't like the new Tiki Room - Under New Management. It is louder, unmusical and short.

The second time I was at magic Kingdom it poured, so that may be part of the trouble.

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