This is Andrew Robinson and his daughter (?), paused by Lower Dewey Lake.

I also took a couple of photos of myself with the magic of the self-timer.

I almost missed myself! But it turned out a successful shot.

Later I met three travelers from the ship, and I assured them that (a) it was a pretty easy walk most of the way down to Skargill's Landing (been there before), and (b) the path went all the way around the lake.

I did warn them my memory was not reliable, but have they forgiven me? The path did indeed go right around, and is probably a good path if you are a mountain goat! Not the sort of trail you want when you are hurrying to catch a ship. I did not even consider trying for Upper Dewey Lake, which I was told was another 3000 feet up.

This shot shows someone sitting on a bench, looking back from the far end of the lake. It may be somebody famous...

but probably not.