The highlight of this tour was probably the tourist buses going through impossibly tiny streets, sometimes passing each other and parked cars by millimetres. I had never thought of a tourist bus as a precision instrument before this trip!

The tour began with a visit to three different churches. The first was a big, operating cathedral, the second a decommissioned old muslim temple, later a Christian church, and a big church at the small town of Monreale.



I used a reasonable amount of film on this, and the other, churches. I was struggling with hand-held shots before I remembered that the digital camera works wvery well in low light.



The casket holds the body of a dead ruler of the past. This was really dark.

My introduction to Monreale was to have a pigeon poop on me from a great height, so I had to wash my hair later. I would have used a toilet, but you have to pay, and I didn't have a coin. It cost 1000 lire, or, if you were a gullible American, US$3. There was, however, a nice little modern art museum which was free (but no toilets).