This was the scene on the dock:

The tour was a pleasant experience. The bus windows were clear, the guide spoke reasonably good English, and the place was attractive. We began with a walk around the Medina. I had no idea where we were, and the streets were a maze. I took a few stereo shots, which I have not scanned yet. We went up to a roof above a carpet shop. A man in the shop said those who were bored by carpet-selling should go up for the view. We all wasted lots of film! Miraculously we lost nobody on this part of the tour, although we had a couple of elderly wanderers. Our second stop was a museum of antiquities. It was all Roman ruins and mosaic pavements. The guide talked long and loud, when it would have been better simply to give us a half-hour or whatever to be back in a certain spot. The boy and girl in the souvenir shop spoke perfect American, and I bought a film. They were not permitted by law to give change in US currency, so a woman and I combined our purchases to spend the exact amount. Our next stop was an American war memorial, then we had lunch, with rose wine, near some Roman aqueducts under excavation. then we went to some lovely Carthaginian excavations, their big feature being some Roman baths. last, we visited the village of Sidi Bou Said, all blue and white, and all shops.