Chicago, August - September 2000.

The 2000 World Science Fiction convention was held in Chicago. I stayed in the Hyatt Regency, where most of the programming took place.

Registration was open as early as Tuesday, but shifted on Wednesday. Chicago has a curious street system, in layers. The entrance to the hotel is from the road, but the next two storeys down also open out onto lower roads!

The main parts of the convention took place on these lower levels, in the bowels of the hotel. From the entrance level you went down an escalator. On this level was a tunnel through to the East Tower, and the Con Suite. There was also a passageway through to some restaurants, and other hotels. This had the hotel's Business Center as well, which provided cheap internet access before and after the convention. During the convention it was free in the internet room.

Another level down, a passage led to the Ballroom areas, and the Fan Lounge, as well as registration from Wednesday, and the Bids area and exhibits hall. Yet another level down were the Dealers' Room and Art Show, and an area where entertainers might ply their trade. Some floors above there was also an art show featuring historic artists, such as Frank Kelly Freas, and Wally Wood.

This is the Art Show from outside, since one may not take photographs inside.

Panels took place in various areas, including the Fairmont Hotel nearby.

I didn't take pictures at the Hugo awards or Masquerade, so you may have to look elsewhere for these. My jetlag lasted so long I didn't do at lot in the evenings, so there is nothing about parties here either! I went back late to the "Meet the Pros" gathering, and tried to take pictures without a flash.

That's Catherine Asaro at the right. There were a few other things happening.

Eventually the convention finished, and I had a few more days to see Chicago before jetting back to Australia.