The day of our visit was quite hot. About forty buses took the 900 tourists from the ship.

Our bus (our table group again) was intriguing. The windows were so dark that when I was trying to see whether anyone was aboard at one stage, it was impossible to tell.

Our first trip was to a church at the summit of a hill:

There was a superb view in every direction, and I regretted not having my 17mm lens. As we entered hawkers dangled baubles in our faces, beggars wheedled, and we were generally harassed, but not touched. They stayed outside the church. This is a view inside.

and a view from the top:


Opposite was a fortress, and we climbed the road to it. It also had good views, including a nice looking cityscape:


We drove around to the entrance to another church

in which was interred St Peter Claver, who founded the order of nuns who taught me in primary school.

Next we were taken to a shopping center, and left a while. This was the least interesting part to me. One entrepreneur had a two-toed sloth, but a man at the hill had had two!

As we left there was a spectacular cloud scene. Further out a statue of the Virgin Mary stood guard in the centre of the bay, but it was too dark to photograph her by then.