The first of these is quite recent,but many of these date back up to forty years.

When I was a lad. This is from Gilbert & Sullivan's operetta, but is about the Captain of the Enterprise.

I also had a proclivity for parodyingthe Rime of The Ancient Mariner.

The poem, Edward, Edward seemed irresistible, since that's my name!

The first of my poems relating to comics is a burlesque of Hopkins' Windhover.

One of Byron's is not very good, but I think I wrote it while I was still at school, which makes it old.

There are a few Shelley parodies, a couple of which I like a lot, and some Wordsworth, which are here for completeness. (I have lots of web space.)

One based on The Lady of Shallot.

There are a few short and varied poems, one only of The Raven, one of the Village Blacksmith, and one of an Australian poem, The Man from Snowy River.

I wrote one which is intended to be in the style of dramatic blank verse.

In addition, a few of my tennis sonnets are burlesques of other sonnets.