This was just a two hour lunch stop. I liked the look of the town very much. These are a couple of the shots I took:

This was our first step into Germany.

I have to confess that I ate at Macdonald's. I usually do when traveling. I like the fact that (a) I know they will have clean, free toilets,* and (b) the food will be what I expect, and usually good.

I might add that when I go into a Mac's in a country where I don't speak the language, all I have to know is the word for 'please', as in "Ein McRib, bitte." The person behind the counter will go jabber, jabber, and will ask "Eat here or take away?" in their language, so I also need to know the word for "here", then I look at the cash register and pay that much.

This was obviated in this case, because when I tried my minimal German the man replied in English.


*A small diversion. Not only in Mac's, but in many places in Paris, there were women lined up deep around the toilets. There was a minor revolution around this problem in Melbourne, and it was solved. Women need more toilets than men!