A Rational Argument.


You're arguing from an extremely untenable position.

- Won't you put that down? Well, OK then,

but stop brandishing it, we have no near physician -

Now, let's talk of things "past human ken."

Wood is a multitude of atoms, oxygen, carbon,

unable to have any conscious aim defined,

any more than the atoms in this glass of bourbon

could set themselves to mutilate my mind.

This house is not evil; though a bit decayed.

If I sit upon its chair to rest

the chair does not raise its splinter like a blade

to stab my epidermis with demonic zest.

You speak of spirits that infest these walls,

but what evil act can a wall commit?

One reads occasionally where such a structure falls,

but rarely will it score a hit,

and, like a beesting, the strike is suicidal.

If any spirit haunts this shadowed attic

immobility seems a most effective bridle.

Your fears of possession are all psychosomatic.

Why would some creature wait for years

for you to walk the lower corridor?

Locked in here with the dreadful fears

that lost souls must burn with at their core,

would not a devil seek the open plains, to flee

from the loneliness that closes in forever?

To blame your own excesses on some bits of tree!

Not only is the reasoning not clever,

it's egotistical! Now put down that axe.

- Anyway, your swing is too consistently lateral;

I can anticipate your wild attacks -

Can't you see your attitude is quite unnatural?