The Wyndham was a very nice hotel, but it didn't occur to me to take photos of the foyer, or even a close photo of the exterior.

However, there are these:

This is from the road which runs up to the Museum of Art. Across the road from the fountain is a Catholic church, and behind that the Wyndham hotel.

And this is the view looking back from my window. The fountain is behind the cupola, in the centre of the picture. The Museum of Art is in the distance to the right.

And this is the room, with me in the bed. Unfortunately the camera was not straight, so I have had to "straighten" the shot.

This wasn't quite in the hotel, but in the same complex, outside the Glaxo-something building. Down to the left is the shop where I bought my breakfast cereal. Down the street a bit further was another sculpture I liked: