One of the comics panels. I don't know who people are, but the guy second from the right drew many issues of Peter David's Supergirl, so I could look him up!

Some of those in costume. Is this Gandalf the chairman of Torcon 3?

A lot of those in costume dragged into a group photo.

Denise Crosby and Ray Park in the autograph area.

Connor Trinnear, of Enterprise.

Another comics panel, with Darick Robertson at right.

One of the groups I could actually see at the masquerade. It is where Canadian Idol is filmed, as you can tell from the floor.

Another shot of Ray Park signing.

Darth Vader and the Hulk (David Prowse and Lou Ferrigno) signing, as they did all weekend.

The artists' tables.

Harry Groener, the Mayor.