The feedback panel, or shooting gallery. I didn't stay long enough to tell them I liked the con.

A relaxed mood at the panel on fanzines: Andrew Porter, Mike Glyer and Dick Smith, and I don't know why I bothered to type that.

Fantasy Economics: This one is out of order 'cause I took it on a different camera. James Barclay, Cheryl Morgan, Carol Berg, Ed Greenwood, Bill Fawcett, but maybe not in that order!

You can't change human nature : Interesting, but I had to leave early: Eliezer Yudkowsky, Ann Zeddies, Karen Traviss, Bridget Colla and Eric M Van.

No, they are not both Colleen Hillerup. Christine Mak is at left. This was the Angel/ Firefly panel, but Angel, which I have seen, never got a mention.

This is the audience: