Oz and Alice - why they stay popular: Esther Friesner, Suford Lewis, Edward Einhorn, Roberta Rogow, W Randy Hoffman.

Feminism in Trek: Peter Knapp, Suford Lewis, Janice Eisen (did I need to tell you that?)

Death of the person v death of personality: John Hertz, Eliezer Yodkowsky, Shane Tourtellotte.

A religious panel, where everyone in the room, including me, displayed a completely closed mind.

A panel on comic books. Terence Chua, Colleen Hillerup, Isaac Szpindel. David Brin also appeared, so we'll give him a picture by himself:

What should be taught in schools. (After teaching 33 years I have opinions, but keep them to myself!)

Hayden Trenholm, Charles Cohen, Pat York, Paul Levinson.

Wild Cards panel: Melinda Snodgrass, George R R Martin, Daniel Abraham, Stephen Leigh, Howard Waldrop. Here is a shot of their audience

Is Buffy the vampire slayer serios literature? Of course it is, and affirming that are: Ginjer Buchanan, Jean Lorrah, James Killus, Bradford Lyau, Josepha Sherman.

"What do you read besides SF?" Ginjer Buchanan, Todd Dashoff, Andrew Wheeler.

Writing ethical fantasy: Marilyn "Mattie" Brahen, Alison Baird, Terry Pratchett, Elizabeth Moon, Tanya Huff.

And so onto the last lot of panels!