Chronological order seems as good as any. I did not notice until I came to attach names to pictures that I seem to have followed a small group of panelists all about the place. Reasonable, I suppose, since I and they must have similar interests.

My first panel was "Genre vs mainstream fiction in Canada"

Terence Green, Scott Mackay, Patrick Neilson-Hayden ? and Alison Baird.

Farscape panel: Tara Oakes, Sarah Elliott and Peter Knapp.

This was a panel about the Hugo short form - long form split.

Peter Knapp, Vincent Docherty, Chris M Barkley, Guy Lillian, Daniel Kimmel.

Getting a TV series on the air. I don't know the man on the left. The others are Isaac Szpindel, Melinda Snodgrass, Marc Zicree and Lyla Miclos.

Books v movies: Patrick Neilson-Hayden, Melinda Snodgrass, Elizabeth Miller, Janice Eisen, Paul Levinson.

The first Buffy panel: Rob Gates, Douglas Smith, Ginjer Buchanan, Colleen Millerup, Lyla Miklos.

Beanstalk? Karl Schroeder, John Strickland, Catherine Asaro, Jordin Kare.

Globalisation: Mike Moscoe, Harry Harrison, Justine Larbalestier, Russel Blackford, Paul Levinson.

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