This is the panel of average young adults mentioned on the first page. From the left, Haitham jendoubi, Bryan Zubalsky, Katherine McDonald, and Catherine McMullen.

A little later Jared Dashoff arrived:

This panel was still following the education thread, but was in a main theater. Where did Tom Swift go? Howard V Hendrix, Hal Clement, Betsy Mitchell, Debra Doyle and Charles Sheffield. Why don't we have the young adult novels based on Engineering?

This panel was How the hell did Heidelberg happen? Robert Silverberg is at right, Tony Lewis is on the far left of the picture, in the blue shirt and reddish vest. The guy next to him, in the brown shirt, is Richard Lynch. The man speaking is Waldemar Kumming. I was interested in the panel, but it was all about what happened at Heidelberg, and not about the prospect of more Worldcons in non-English-speaking countries (such as Japan in 2007).

Catherine McMullen, one of the few Australian authors on panels, with Charles Sheffield and Andrew Love on Science Fiction Fact or Fancy. The discussion was all about the use of Science Fiction in education.

Another picture of Catherine just for the heck of it.

In search of redemption: Angel and Buffy. Tom Whitmore (chair of ConJose next year), Thomas Harlen, Anne Sowards and John Passarella. And then Ben Yalow arrived, and Tom answered a summons. Not a "call of nature"! He was needed.

And so to our fourth page of panels. It's just like a comic!